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"The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plate commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. but at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You have to live - did live, from habit that became instinct - in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized."
(George Orwell - 1984 - chap 1 - Ebook)

Amazon affirme que la surveillance à bord des véhicules est destinée à assurer la sécurité des employés et non à les espionner : Surveiller leurs moindres mouvements. (Anguille sous roche - 16/11/2022)

Amazon 'knowingly' sold 'suicide kits' to teens: Lawsuit. (Cortney Weil - The Blaze - 12/10/2022)

David Shaw and the Rise of Jeff Bezos. (Johnny Vedmore - UK Column - 19/9/2022)

Privacy, labor groups urge action to stop Amazon's purchase of iRobot. (Eric Cervone - The Blaze - 11/9/2022) -> more on the Roomba vacuum-cleaner

Amazon's Dangerous New Acquisition Opinion. (Ron Knox - MSN - 21/8/2022) -> Using the Roomba vacuum-cleaner to map your house...

How Amazon Plans to Expand Into Mental Health Services With On-Demand Therapists + More The Defender's Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments' abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance. (The Defender - The Defender - 11/8/2022)

Did Amazon Buy iRobot to Map Inside Your Home? (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 10//8/2022)

Aux États-Unis, Amazon fournit les données de ses caméras connectées à la police. (FranceSoir - 28/7/2022)

How to Make Sure Your Phone Isn't Keeping Recordings of Everything You Say: If you're not careful, Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant may be saving your every word. Here's how to delete that personal data. (David Nield - Gizmodo - 18/3/2022)

'Alexa vs. Alexa:' Hackers Can Trick Amazon Echo Devices into Hacking Themselves. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 7/3/2022)

WHO moving foward on GLOBAL vaccine passport program: Tech giants and US gov't co-operate on "SMART Health Cards", and their use is spreading across the US…& maybe the world. (Kit Knightly - Off-Guardian - 1/3/2022)

"Alexa, You're Fired" - A Quarter Of Users Abandon Spying Devices Within 2 Weeks. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 25//12/2021)

Amazon, "Economic Terrorism" and the Destruction of Competition and Livelihoods. (Colin Todhunter - Off-Guardian - 30/8/2021)

Big Tech's threat to democracy Can the US government tolerate the existence of a rival within its territory? (Matthew B Crawford - UnHerd - 29/6/2021)

'End The Punitive System': Civil Rights Groups Demand Government Action to Stop Amazon's Surveillance of Workers. (Thomas Catenacci - Daily Caller - 21/6/2021)

Amazon Introduces Consumer Surveillance Technology to Full-Size Grocery Stores. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 16/6/2021)

So Sue Us': Amazon Responds to 75,000 Customers Who Say Alexa Spied on Them. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 1/6/2021)

Now is Your Last Chance to Opt-Out of Amazon Sidewalk. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 1/6/2021)

Banned Author of 'When Harry Became Sally' Urges State Attorneys General to Investigate Amazon. (Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. - Breitbart - 17/3/2021)

Amazon: from book-selling to book-burning Its decision to stop selling a book criticising transgenderism is part of an alarming trend. (Tim Black - Spiked - 9/3/2021)

Does Amazon's Near-Monopoly Justify Its Use of Censorship?: Caitlin Basset looks at the little-known Seattle law that might make Amazon's censorship much more costly. (MindMatters - 3/3/2021)

'The End of Conservative Books': Amazon Quietly Bans Books They Deem Offensive, 'Hate Speech'. (Amanda Prestigiacomo - DailyWire- 27/2/2021)

Amazon Ring App Found to be (Again) Exposing User Locations, Home Addresses. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 22/1/2021)

Amazon Boots Parler for Users’ ‘Violent’ Language, but Hosts Merchant Selling ‘Kill All Republicans’ Shirt. (Alana Mastrangelo - BrietBart - 16/1/2021)

Just Whose Coup Is It, Anyway? (Patrick Wood - Technocracy - 13/1/2021) -> Trump banned and Parler destroyed...

Financial Times: Big Tech’s Move into Healthcare Industry Creates Medical Privacy Fears. (Lucas Nolan - BrietBart - 7/12/2020)

WebMD and Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy. (Dr. Joseph Mercola – Maryam Henein - 4/12/2019)

Christian authors blast Amazon for banning their books, selling pedophilia titles. (Brandon Showalter - Christian Post - 30/8/2019)

Is Amazon's Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments? (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 25/8/2019)

Amazon Considers Adding 'Surveillance as a Service' to Delivery Drones Because Maybe Every Product Should Monitor Us. (Jennings Brown - Gizmodo - 21/6/2019)

Amazon Alexa transcripts live on, even after you delete voice records: You can delete voice recordings so Amazon can't listen to your conversations with Alexa anymore, but text records are a different story. (Alfred Ng - CNET - 9/5/2019)

Big Tech Lobbying Gutted a Bill That Would Ban Recording You Without Consent: The Illinois Keep Internet Devices Safe Act would have empowered average people to sue big companies for recording them without consent, but industry association lobbying defanged it. (Rob Dozier - MotherBoard - 12/4/2019)

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa: A global team reviews audio clips in an effort to help the voice-activated assistant respond to commands. (Matt Day, Giles Turner and Natalia Drozdiak - Bloomberg - 10/4/2019)

Worried Amazon Will Add Facial Recognition to Doorbells? Too Late. (David Cardinal - ExtremeTech - 13/12/2018)

Richard Stallman: Dangers of IoT and Amazon Alexa. (YouTube - 17 min. 6/5/2018)

Security researchers found a way to hack into the Amazon Echo. (Techsario - 13/8/2018)

Amazon Alexa Instantaneously Justifies Years of Surveillance Paranoia. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 25/5/2018)

The Internet of Things (IoT) Poses Huge Numbers of Worldwide Security Risks, Large and Small. (Digilloyd - 21/5/2018)

No, Thanks, Jeff Bezos. I Do NOT Want Alexa Controlling My Home. (David Klinghoffer - Evolution News - 9/5/2018)

Turning an Echo Into a Spy Device Only Took Some Clever Coding. (Lily Hay Newman - Wired - 25/4/2018)

'Voice sniffer' est à votre écoute: Toujours en marche, toujours à l'écoute : Amazon dévoile le système d'intelligence artificielle 'voice sniffer' avec un nouveau brevet pour analyser TOUTES les données audio. (Paroles de Dieu - 16/4/2018)

Amazon Unveils A "Voice Sniffer" Algo In New Patent. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 5/4/2018)

IoT devices could be next customer data frontier. (Ron Miller - TechCrunch - 30/3/2018)

Alexa, What Are You Doing with My Family's Personal Info?: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and several smart-home technologies that debuted at last week s CES add convenience but also raise privacy concerns. (Larry Greenemeier - SciAm - 15/1/2018)

Alexa, Burn My House Down. (Adam Clark Estes - Gizmodo - 4/1/2018)

Is Alexa Really Eavesdropping on You? (Brad Stone - Bloomberg - 11/12/2017)

Fooling Amazon and Google's voice recognition isn't hard: If your roommates sound like you, they might be able to use your smart speaker to access your info or make purchases. Here's how you can protect yourself. [Google Assistant and Alexa] (Andrew Gebhart - CNET - 21/11/2017)

Don't Buy Anyone an Echo. (Adam Clark Estes - Gizmodo - 5/12/2017)

Your IoT Baby Isn't as Beautiful as You Think It Is: Both development and evaluation teams have been ignoring security problems in Internet-connected devices for too long. That must stop. (Andrew Howard - InformationWeek/DarkReading - 10/5/2017)

How to listen to everything Amazon Echo has ever heard. (Kim Komando - FoxNews - 15/4/2017)

Amazon agrees to hand over Echo data in murder case: The move avoids a potential legal battle that could have pitted privacy and law enforcement concerns against each other. (Ben Fox Rubin - CNET - 7/3/2017)

Self-Propagating Smart Light Bulb Worm. (Schneier on Security - 9/11/2016)

Def Con: Do smart devices mean dumb security? (BBC News - 6/8/2016)

Why Is My Smart Home So Fucking Dumb? (Adam Clark Estes - Gizmodo - 2/12/2015)

The Internet of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything is Monitored. (Tyler Durden - ZeroHedge - 02/03/2015)

The Cringeworthy Mindless Tech Propaganda category...

Why smart toilets might actually be worth the upgrade. (Bradford - CNET - 1/2/2016)

Internet of Things will place greater pressure on companies to modernize. (MacTech - 2015) -> AgitProp... (note the use of words such as "pressure", "must" and "IoT-ready")