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FaceBook is Watching You

"It's a great time to be paranoid" (Anonymous)

It is an interesting weird world… Companies like Facebook and Apple, are somewhat cultish. And I don't mean that in necessarily a bad way… You have to have a religious faith in what the company is doing. Because often there are real doubts about whether the company can succeed. And it's a motivating factor.
(Antonio García Martínez - UnHerd - 2021)

FBI Director Cannot "Be Sure" Whether Facebook Is Sending User Information to Agents. (Mimi Nguyen Ly/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden's Photo by Tyler DurdenZero Hedge - 18/11/2022)

Facebook Censors Posts on Vaccine Harms Because They "Make People Feel Unsafe". (Thorsteinn Siglaugsson - Daily Sceptic - 15/11/2022)

Big Tech Worked Closely With The FBI And DHS to Police 'Disinformation'. (Brandon Drey - DailyWire - 1/11/2022)

Facebook and Government: Working Together for Thought Management: A critical distinction between Facebook and traditional media is that Facebook is global and total, not regional and partial. (MindMatters - 19/9/2022)

Big Tech and the Erasure of History: The censorship of the tech thought police is a huge problem. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 12/9/2022)

New Docs Reveal Facebook's Pre-Covid Vaccine Policies. (Jim Hoft - The Gateway Pundit - 8/9/2022)

Twitter, Facebook Regularly Coordinated With Biden Admin To Censor Users. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 1/9/2022)

Meta settles location tracking lawsuit for $37.5 million. (Candace Hathaway - The Blaze - 23/8/2022)

Pfizer paye Facebook pour éliminer toute critique de son vaccin à ARNm! (Le Libre Penseur/JeminformeTV - 21/8/2022)

Facebook Blinks: No Longer Wants to Censor COVID "Misinformation": Global Affairs President Nick Clegg has revealed that Facebook is seeking the guidance of its Oversight Board about removing "false claims". (MindMatters - 26/7/2022)

Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet. (Dustin Broadbery - Off-Guardian - 15/3/2022)

Facebook, Fact Checkers Are Opinionated Lefties After All. (David Fiorazo - 15/12/2021)

Facebook Censors Article About Dangers Of COVID Censorship. (Jordan Boyd - The Federalist - 15/12/2021)

How many times must Facebook be caught censoring the truth? (Rachel Bovard - New York Post - 22/11/2021)

The Myth of 'Fact-Checking': How Facebook Created The World's Largest Censorship Operation. (Mark Hemingway - DailyWire - 16/11/2021)

The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise: Freedom Meted Out by Technological Tyrants. (John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - 9/11/2021)

Meta: The Final Disconnect From Reality? (Technocracy.News - 29/10/2021)

Learning to Fear Free Speech: How Politicians Are Moving To Protect Us From Our Unhealthy Reading Choices. (Jonathan Turley - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 11/10/2021)

This Facebook Whistleblower Wants More Censorship, Not Less. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 4/10/2021)

Facebook keeps a secret list of VIPs who are allowed to break the rules without consequences: Report. (Chris Pandolfo - The Blaze - 13/9/2021)

The Church of Facebook Technology: Facebook Seeks to Colonize Religious Experience. (Nicole M. King - SalvoMag - 30/8/2021)

Are The Tech Giants Afraid of Something? (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 6/8/2021)

Facebook Sets Its Sights on Religion. Should Americans Be Worried? (Mary Margaret Olohan - Daily Caller - 6/8/2021)

Facebook's Top Censorship Board Is Filled With Elite, Power-Loving Bureaucrats. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 16/7/2021)

White House Colludes with Facebook to Censor 'Misinformation'. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 16/7/2021)

Senator Hawley: Big Tech "Acting Like Arms of The Government"; "It's Scary Stuff": "It really is censorship." (Steve Watson - Summit News - 16/7/2021)

Facebook Censorship Board Member: Free Speech is Not a Human Right. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 15/7/2021)

Facebook goes full Big Brother with new "extremism" warnings Pop-ups mark an all-time high for creepiness from the internet giant. (Off-Guardian - 2/7/2021)

Facebook Alerts Users of 'Extremist Content'. (Lacey Kestecher - Daily Caller - 2/7/2021)

Facebook to Reverse Political Protections, Opening Door to Censorship. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire - 4/6/2021)

DeSantis Goes on Offense With Big Tech Bill Amid Silicon Valley Malfeasance: Gov. Ron DeSantis continued his proactive approach with a new law this week aimed at safeguarding residents from big tech speech controls. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 29/5/2021)

Dershowitz on Censorship: 'A Very, Very Dangerous Situation'. (Mike Huckabee - The Stream - 28/5/2021)

Bill Muehlenberg Erased. (Caldron Pool - 27/5/2021)

BREAKING: Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale. (Project Veritas - 24/5/2021)

WhatsApp : Ce qu'il faut savoir avant d'accepter ou de refuser les nouvelles conditions d'utilisation - Propriété de Facebook, l'application veut imposer à ses 2 milliards d'utilisateurs le partage de leurs données, sous peine de perdre l'accès à des fonctionnalités essentielles. (Philippe Berry - 20 minutes - 13/5/2021)

Facebook is Doing Planned Parenthood's Bidding in Banning Pro-Life Group LifeSiteNews. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 8/5/2021)

Facebook Permanently Bans LifeSiteNews. (Caldron Pool - 6/5/2021)

They Censor Because They're Scared of Truth: This overthrow of elected representatives raises some important questions about where we go from here. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 28/4/2021) -> Shares Silicon Valley is yet again proving that they're an anti-democratic monopoly, willing to ban, block, boot, and blunt the voice of democratically elected representatives. Craig Kelly is their latest victim.

Facebook a banni le législateur australien Craig Kelly, qui lutte contre le confinement: Il s'est demandé comment une "entité étrangère" pouvait déplateformer un député élu tel que lui. (Aube Digitale - 26/4/2021)

Censure : Facebook a supprimé un groupe de 120 000 membres qui publiait des réactions indésirables à des vaccins ! (Aguelid - Le libre penseur - 26/4/2021)

Big Tech will brook no dissent against Black Lives Matter: Facebook and Twitter are censoring the revelations that a BLM co-founder owns a number of high-end properties. (Fraser Myers - Spiked - 20/4/2021)

Half a billion Facebook users had their personal data leaked online and the company has no plans to notify them about it: More than 530 million users have had their personal data shared online. (Phil Shiver - The Blaze - 8/4/2021)

A warning: Facebook censoring you, not just Donald Trump. (Steve Jordahl - OneNewsNow - 5/4/2021)

Hackers Publish 533 Million Facebook Users' Phone Numbers, Personal Data. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 3/4/2021)

Fakebook Not Only Censoring The College Fix, But Also The Wall Street Journal. (Wintery Knight - 8/3/2021)

Australia is right to unfriend Facebook Big Tech is a menace to free debate. It must be brought under control. (Nick Cater - Spiked - 23/2/2021)

Project Veritas: Mark Zuckerberg Expressed Concern About 'Modifying DNA and RNA'. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 16/2/2021)

Facebook Wants to Monitor Your Body with a Smartwatch. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart - 15/2/2021)

Facebook's incompetent censorship Its hypocritical attempts to clamp down on 'misinformation' are ultimately self-defeating. (Douglas Murray - UnHerd - 12/2/2021)

Facebook censors award-winning journalist for criticising the WHO. (Freddie Sayers - UnHerd - 11/2/2021)

Facebook's bid to control the internet: Its new Oversight Board could make it more powerful than nation states. - Why should Zuckerberg get to write our online constitution? (James Ball - UnHerd - 9/2/2021)

Facebook hates Americans who love the liberty and freedom which President Trump defended. This is why they did all they could to prevent these God-loving Americans from sharing their thoughts on their site. (Joe Hoft - Gateway Pundit - 12/2/2021)

Facebook announces major clampdown on vaccine, coronavirus 'misinformation' NEWS The company will begin removing content it considers 'false'. (Phil Shiver - The Blaze - 8/2/2021)

Facebook bans Christian professor for disagreeing with Biden's executive actions. (Wintery Knight - 1/2/2021)

‘The OANN and Newsmax Problem’: Former Facebook Official Compares Conservative ‘Disinformation’ to ISIS, Calls For Censorship. (Ian Haworth - DailyWire - 18/1/2021)

Big Tech’s Big Brother Moves: There is no chance that Orwell would have supported unelected billionaires deciding what ideas the public should have access to. (Ben Hall - The Spectator - 17/1/2021)

How Big Tech took over: The establishment outsourced censorship to the private sector – and created a tyranny. (Tom Slater - Spiked - 15/1/2021)

Ron Paul Posts Criticism of Censorship on Social Media Shortly Before Facebook Blocks Him. (Jonathan Turley, Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 12/1/2021)

ACLU Warns of ‘Unchecked Power’ After Facebook, Twitter Suspend Trump. (Kyle Morris - Breitbart - 9/1/2021)

Big Tech has become a tyranny: Facebook’s banning of Donald Trump sets a terrifying precedent. (Tom Slater - Spiked - 8/1/2021)

Banning Trump Sets A Dangerous Precedent For Facebook: By banning Donald Trump, Facebook is engaging in a self-interested assault on free speech. (David Marcus - The Federalist - 7/1/2021)

Dershowitz: ‘Not Fair’ Big Tech Companies Can Censor Users and Have Immunity. (Trent Baker - Breitbart Tech - 13/12/2020)

Facebook Threatens to Unpublish Comedian JP Sears After Mocking COVID-19 Lockdowns. (Paul Bois - DailyWire - 8/12/2020)

Following The Election, Facebook Tightens Choke on News Outlets it Disagrees With. Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 25/11/2020)

Wired: Facebook Attacks Critics ‘in the Name of Privacy’. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart Tech - 23/11/2020)

Josh Hawley Confronts Mark Zuckerberg with Evidence of Internal Facebook Censorship Tool. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart Tech - 17/11/2020)

Censorship by algorithm: Jeffrey Rosen on Silicon Valley’s war on free speech. (Spiked - 12/10/2020)

Bokhari: Critical Race Theorists Control the Big Tech Algorithms that Control Us. (Breitbart Tech - 3/10/2020)

Facebook Accused of Spying On Instagram Users Through Phone Cameras. (Caldron Pool - 19/9/2020)

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Spying on Instagram Users with Their Cameras. (Lucas Nolan - Breitbart Tech - 19/9/2020)

Facebook and Google removing content that harms Democrat party. (Wintery Knight - 18/9/2020)

Bokhari: Everything You Post Online Will Be Scanned by ‘Hate Speech Algorithms. (Breitbart Tech - 5/9/2020)

Facebook Keeps Killing Moms’ Group Dedicated to Ending Drag Queen Story Hour. (Pen and Pulpit - 4/6/2020)

Facebook wants to erase 'Hateful Memes' from its platform  and is offering $100,000 in prizes for those who can help. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 14/5/2020)

Facebook's free-speech panel doesn't believe in free speech: Alan Rusbridger, one-time cheerleader of press regulation, is among the members. (Spiked - 13/5/2020)

We need to stop the spread of Big Tech censorship: Facebook and YouTube must not be the arbiters of truth on Covid  or anything else. (Tom Slater - Spiked - 8/5/2020)

Facebook 'Supreme Court' Packed with Anti-Trump, Progressive Figures. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 6/5/2020)

Big Tech's Big Brother Moves: YouTube and Facebook can't act as purveyors of public forums while banning legitimate opinions they don't like. (Scott McKay - The Spectator - 1/5/2020)

Facebook Factchecks P&P's Tone and Use of "Scare Quotes". (Pen and Pulpit - 20/3/2020)

Facebook censors interview with abortion survivor to help Democrats win 2020 election. (Wintery Knight - 18/2/2020)

WebMD and Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy. (Dr. Joseph Mercola – Maryam Henein - 4/12/2019)

Facebook uses pro-abortion "fact checkers" to label pro-life pages "fake news". (Wintery Knight - 9/12/2019)

The sovereign state of Facebook. (Scott Rosenberg - Axios - 1/11/2019)

Big data business: The Great Hack delves into the data-sharing scandal between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. - movie review (Laura Finch - World Mag - 1/8/2019)

How a Horrific Murder Exposes the Great Failure of Facebook's AI Moderation. (Brian Merchant - Gizmodo - 19/7/2019)

Bill Black: Facebook's Libra Currency Monetizes Identity And Threatens Privacy. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 8/7/2019)

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Says Most People Should Get Off Facebook Permanently. (Matt Novak - Gizmodo - 8/7/2019)

Facebook To Start Handing User Info To French Government So It Can Start Punishing People For Being Stupid. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 27/6/2019)

Your Future Doctor Could Monitor Your Facebook Posts for Disease: Medical providers could soon use your social media to predict diseases from depression to diabetes, sparking questions of data privacy. (Madeleine Gregory - MotherBoard - 18/6/2019)

Exclusive: Facebook's Process to Label You a 'Hate Agent' Revealed. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 13/6/2019)

Facebook Targets Michelle Malkin: Gives Pass to Antifa: Michelle censored for protesting censorship. (Jeffrey Lord - American Spectator - 17/5/2019)

Has Mark Zuckerberg not read Nineteen Eighty-Four?: Facebook can have any policies it likes about content, and we can stay or flee accordingly. Government censorship is another matter. (John Robson - National Post - 2/4/2019)

Big Artificial Brother: Corporations & Governments Want to Keep an Eye on the Rest of Us. (Denyse O'Leary - Salvo - Spring 2019)

Facebook ordered by Germany to gather and mix less data. (BBCNews - 7/2/2019)

Everything you need to know about Facebook, Google's app scandal. (Zack Whittaker - TechCrunch - 1/2/2019)

Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them. (Josh Constine -TechCrunch - 30/1/2019)

LEAKED: Facebook's Draconian Secret Rulebook for Regulating Political Speech. (Rachel Alexander - The Stream - 9/1/2019)

New Social Media Censoring Software - Could it be The New Christian Gulag? (Richard Hass - Pulpit and Pen - 5/1/2019)

See if You're Using These Popular Android Apps That Overshare Info to Facebook. (Emily Price - LifeHacker - 31/12/2018)

Facebook bans Franklin Graham for 'hate speech', Google YouTube shadow-bans pro-life videos. (Wintery Knight - 31/12/2018)

2018 Is the Year Big Tech Censors Revealed Their True Colors. (Allum Bokhari - Breitbart - 27/12/2018)

How The New NAFTA Trade Deal Lets Big Tech Squelch Conservative Speech: Big Tech lobbyists orchestrated the quiet insertion of a seemingly innocuous provision into the deal that will allow them to silence conservative voices. (Jeremy Carl - The Federalist - 13/12/2018)

Good For The World, But Not Good For Us: The Really Damning Bits of The Facebook Revelations. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 5/12/2018)

Réseaux sociaux : votre activité en ligne intégrée à votre dossier médical. (Paroles de Dieu - 25/11/2018)

Facebook says Christians are fair game for threats of violence. (Josh Williamson - Caldron Pool - 23/11/2018)

A Letter From Facebook Jail: The casualties of Big Tech's assault on free expression. (Scott McKay - The Spectator - 19/10/2018)

Facebook et Twitter, instruments au service de l'état profond américain. (Paroles de Dieu - 21/10/2018)

The Facebook Hack Exposes an Internet-Wide Failure. (Isie Lapowsky - Wired - 2/10/2018)

'Creepy Line' Film Examines Facebook, Google's Influence; Director Talks 'Scary' Way They Use Censorship. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 3/10/2018)

Facebook denies seeking users' bank data. (BBCNews - 7/8/2018)

Facebook's Censorship of Legit Activists Shows The Policing of Propaganda Is Going to be a Fucking Mess. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 3/8/2018)

How You And I Are Helping Facebook 'DeepFace' Facial Recognition Create The Global Surveillance System. (Geoffrey Grider - Now the End Begins - 10/7/2018)

Facebook seeks patent on tech that turns on your smartphone microphone. (Jack Morse - Mashable - 27/6/2018)

Facebook shared data with Chinese telecom Huawei, raising US government security concerns. (Taylor Hatmaker - TechCrunch - 5/6/2018)

Is Facebook Using Public Confusion Over Its Scandal to Monetize User Data Even More? (Erich Reimer - American Spectator - 9/4/2018)

Facebook can track you online even if you never sign up, and people are upset with the explanation. (Teri Webster - The Blaze - 15/4/2018)

Zucked: It's time to start paying attention to Facebook and Google and what they're doing to shape our society. (Scott McKay - Spectator - 6/4/2018)

A long awaited privacy awakening is here. (Seth Fiegerman - CNN Tech - 29/3/2018)

Let Our Data Go: This Passover, let's break free from the new Pharaoh, Mark Zuckerberg, and cast aside the chametz that is social media. (Liel Leibovitz - Tablet - 26/3/2018)

Mark Zuckerberg Promises to do Better at Hiding Facebook's Data Mining Activities. (The Babylon Bee - 22/3/2018) -> satire...

If You're Pissed About Facebook's Privacy Abuses, You Should be Four Times as Angry at The Broadband Industry. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 21/3/2018)

Facebook Reminds Users Its Terms of Service Specifically Allow For Orwellian Social Engineering. (The Babylon Bee - 20/3/2018) -> satire...

Facebook hit with Federal Trade Commission probe over personal data use. (Michael Potuck - 9to5mac - 20/3/2018)

EU Commission Says Social Media Companies Must Take Down 'Terrorist Content' Within One Hour. (Tim Cushing - TechDirt - 5/3/2018)

How to Disable Facebook's Facial Recognition Feature. (Emily Price - LifeHacker - 1/3/2018)

Privacy advocates raise concerns about Facebook's tracking of even non-users' habits. (Breck Dumas - The Blaze - 1/3/2018)

Facebook 'Security': A New VPN That's Spyware And Two-Factor Authentication That Spams You. (Karl Bode - TechDirt - 20/2/2018)

Facebook's New 'Onavo Protect' VPN is a Spyware App. (Joel Hruska - ExtremeTech - 14/2/2018)

Social Media Becomes the New Big Brother: Governments were to be feared before 1984, and still are, but these days giant corporations are watching you. (David F. Coppedge - CEH - 14/1/2018)

Facebook's Collection And Use of Data From Third-Party Sources is 'Abusive', Says Germany's Competition Authority. (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 21/12/2017)

Facebook Swears It Won't Use Its New Powerful Face Recognition to Suggest 'People You May Know'. (Kashmir Hill - GIZMODO - 19/12/2017)

La reconnaissance faciale sur Facebook (et pourquoi il faut impérativement arrêter de participer à ce réseau) (Paroles de Dieu - 7/12/2017)

Yes, Facebook is spying on you. (Wazooloo - YouTUbe - 4/11/2017)

The inventor of the Facebook like  now bans himself from social media. Here's why. (Aaron Colen - The Blaze - 9/10/2017)

Fraudsters need just three details to steal your identity  and most of it can be found on Facebook. (Amelia Murray - The Telegraph 13/4/2017)

If Facebook Becomes The Internet's Authentication System, Can Citizen Scores Around The World Be Far Behind? (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 6/4/2017)

George Soros And Bill Gates Funding Facebook’s Fact Checkers. (Baxter Dmitry - News Punch - 27/12/2016)

Facebook Protects Your Privacy, Just Look. (William Turton - GizModo - 28/9/2016)

Orwell Could Never Have Predicted This Level of Surveillance. (Mark Nestmann - 24/8/2016)

How did Facebook get my number? And why is it giving my name out to strangers? (The Telegraph - Cara McGoogan - 9/8/2016)

Facebook uses your location data to suggest new friends, despite huge privacy concerns. (Joel Hruska - 28/6/2016 - ExtremeTech)

Expanding Unconstitutional Backdoor Searches of Surveillance Data Is Easy: Just Change What Words Mean. (Mike Masnick - TechDirt - 23/4/2016)

Facebook Ordered To Stop Tracking Non-Users In France. (Natasha Lomas - TechCrunch - 9/2/2016)

La CNIL met publiquement en demeure FACEBOOK de se conformer, dans un délai de trois mois, à la loi Informatique et Libertés. (CNIL - 8/2/2016)

What's The Difference Between 'Mass Surveillance' And 'Bulk Collection'? Does It Matter? (Glyn Moody - TechDirt - 20/1/2016)