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Censored Facts On The Gay Marriage Debate.

Roger Richards (Pastor)

Gallup polls indicate by a 2 to 1 margin Americans would oppose a law legalizing gay marriage as court-mandated in Massachusetts, but few newspapers let on this is true. No wonder has 8-9 million hits a day. Censoring the truth is not the American way. If ever a wedge issue existed in a presidential election, this is it. We have a very clear choice to make so one would think it wise to get the whole truth, painful though it may be.

Activists for gay extra-rights audaciously compare their campaign to African American"s quest for basic civil rights. They face a daunting problem, public schools and universities' propaganda not withstanding; there is no real scientific evidence of a gay gene or any other physical characteristic. There is, however, credible evidence linking it to environmental and abuse factors. The infamous twin studies tend more to prove environmental factors, according to Dr. William Byne in Scientific American (5/94), where he also reported no credible evidence at all that there were any physical or genetic factors causing homosexuality. He was viciously criticized for this and he responded, "I'm told my criticism is not politically correct... What they're saying, therefore, is that I should subjugate scientific rigor to political expediency. This is precisely what has happened today in our media and schools where none of this evidence is mentioned or allowed. Any who bring it up are shouted down or expelled.

We are told we must affirm the gay lifestyle as a normal, healthy choice for our young people. But is it? Would we encourage our children to equally consider the Adkins diet, for example, if we knew that medical research indicated it would lead them to have a life expectancy of only 40-50 years old? A 1997 International Journal of Epidemiology study of gay men in Vancouver, British Columbia found the average lifespan for gay men to be between 40 and 50 years old. Recent critics of this study have attempted spin control by lamenting that it came out before protease inhibitors began to cut the AIDS death rate. This is true, but, it is equally true that since then protease inhibitors have become much less effective as the AIDS virus adapted and gay men's behavior veered back to high risk activity that caused the problem in the first place. Reports now show a frightening increase in AIDS death rates among gay men.

Also taboo from any modern media reports are details of exactly what this high risk behavior entails. Small wonder when one considers that having dozens of sexual partners in a weekend and hundreds or more over a lifetime is part of it for a large number of gay men (Journal of Sex Research 34 1997). This is anything but "safe" or "normal". Are promiscuous gay couples like this fit to adopt children?) Research also shows only 2% of gays are monogamous, the rest have multiple partners, and they say they have the right to adopt? (A book ought to be written; "Johnny has 80 Daddies"). A 1997 CDC report found 68% of those who reported having "unprotected" gay sex and multiple partners did not know the HIV status of their partners. Research finds that this unprotected, often violent sex, makes matters very risky.

That Dr. Susan Weller in a Univ. of Houston Medical School meta-research project involving ten separate studies found the failure rate of condoms in preventing AIDS to be over 33% ought to be the last nail in the coffin, but it isn"t. This information is almost never allowed in our public schools and universities and it is a fact that people have died because of it. Dr. Joe S. Mcllhaney, Jr., president of The Medical Institute for Sexual Health has had many AIDS victims come to him in tears telling him they always used a condom but had no idea their failure rate for AIDS was so high. (Natural openings in condoms are actually 50 times larger than the AIDS virus. Several FDA studies have shown the virus does leak out, even if sperm does not.)

The Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality as aberrant behavior even while commanding Christians to love the homosexual as their neighbor. (Hence hospice, the first real attempt at long term care for cancer and AIDS victims was begun by Christians.) It states plainly in Romans 1: 20-30 that a citizenry given over to homosexuality is a direct result of their refusing to acknowledge God as Creator even when convincing evidence of His intelligent design and power are present in all of nature. Rom. 1:27-28

There is also much evidence that homosexual activists are working to lower or eliminate age of sexual consent laws. The liberal media has chosen to ignore this and the statistical link between homosexuality and pedophilia, but the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Spring, 1992), showed that homosexuals are 15 to 35 times more likely to become pedophiles than heterosexuals. It reported that homosexuals abuse an average of 7.5 times more victims (150 victims vs. 20) than do heterosexual pedophiles. No wonder the Boy Scouts disallow gay leaders or scouts. They've dealt with well over 1000 cases of boys being abused by gay scout leaders. There is also the slippery slope problem of defining marriage down. If it can be changed to allow gay marriage, why not polygamy or man-boy marriage? With no absolutes and the majority irrelevant, laws can always be changed by court ordered mandates.

It is relevant but rarely mentioned that 63% of all AIDS cases come from the homosexual community, according to the CDC (90% including IV drug users). 65% of all gay men have HPV, which causes anal cancer (90% of those who are HIV +). Gay men are 37 times more likely to get this deadly cancer. So at least two of three AIDS cases come from a segment of our population numbering no more than 1% exclusively homosexual, according to Family Planning Perspectives (May/June, '91). Shouldn't voters know this?

The Bible makes clear that there is a way out for those who have "come out" and it is through salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord. Exodus International has well over ten thousand former homosexuals (80+% who were abused as children) who have joined the ranks of those who "once were" as the Apostle Paul said in Corinthians, but are now new creatures in Christ. And what a glorious joy to have all of one's sins forgiven by the righteous Son of the Living God, Jesus Christ, Who turns no repentant sinner away.

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