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Four basic assumptions about Covid19... REVISITED.

Renton Maclachlan - New Zealand. (9/10/2022)Renton Maclachlan

The Covid19 Dossier

We are now two and a half years into the claimed Covid pandemic...which has been caused, it’s said, by the ‘virus’, Sars Cov-2. This ‘virus’ has supposedly mutated into variants such as Delta and Omicron, and according to 13.4 million other variants and counting.

The majority of people have accepted the official narrative and are running scared of this purported dread disease. Until recently this was indicated by mask wearing. Where I live many people wore them in public, even in their cars, despite readily available information showing such masks can offer no protection against anything as small as a ‘virus’ is claimed to be…even if properly worn… which most aren’t.

Well the mask and job mandates have now been removed, except in medical faculties, and I don’t know if things have changed much regarding masks as I haven’t been out and about.

Masks have never been about health but control.

They are an in-your-face manipulative tool, psychological coercion, serving as a constant reminder of the supposed threat we face. They’re a flag displaying prominently the belief, allegiance, subservience, and some would add, ignorance of the wearer. They not only do not work, they are unhealthy…being a depository for waste products...a bit like skid marks on underpants…which our body is removing via our breath. And they provide a warm, moist environment for the growth of stuff we’re not designed to inhale…not to mention material from the masks themselves. They’re environmental pollutants. How many zillions are clogging landfills, waterways and back alleys?

They dehumanise, covering the image of God expressed in the human face…which should be especially troubling for Christians. And they cover all the non-verbal communication signals the face exhibits, along with muffling any verbal communication. They intimidate, separate people, make them look stupid, and produce at minimum a hypocritical self-monitored outward conformity to the narrative.

Worst perhaps is the psychological, emotional, and developmental damage they’ve done to young children... promoted by Governments, health agencies, schools, and unthinking parents. People I know who are generally sceptical, have worn a mask on occasion so as not to create hassles, or offend others, as though they know others are offended. But such compliance only served to enforce and reinforce the myth and the social control.

The NZ Ministry of Health, in a response to a Freedom of Information request, said in part:

‘Maintaining the requirement for face coverings provides wider benefits that support the overall response to the pandemic. Face coverings are a constant reminder of the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19 and will prompt people to be more vigilant about other important behaviours, such as physical distancing, scanning using the New Zealand COVID Tracer App, hand hygiene and coughing etiquette.’

In short, to wear a mask as a pandemic response was and is to participate in a lie. Refusing to live this lie involves virtually no personal cost, stiffens our spine, solidifies our resolve, giving us practice at resistance before more costly protests may be necessary. It also tells others we do not and will not live in fear. That we do not accept we live in a dangerous physical environment filled with invisible bogymen constantly out to get us. And…the whole premise of mask wearing: that the bogeyman is transmitted person to person, via vapour particles in the air, and is stopped coming or going, by masks, has never been proven.

But there are many, who, while not having bought the whole narrative, buy some of it. They may reject the authoritarian control exerted by governments and their inconsistent demands, object strongly to the rampant censorship, have refused to mask, or have rejected all or some of the jabs… even at great personal cost. Nevertheless they still accept that a ‘virus’ causing a disease is on the loose. This applies to most of the big names leading opposition to the jabs and the draconian measures implemented by governments. For example, super stars Peter McCullough and Robert Malone, both accept the basic narrative regarding the virus and the disease, and dismiss, when challenged, any criticism of it. Others also accept it as a given, such as many doctors involved with ‘NZ Doctors Speaking out with Science’, and the great Kiwi group ‘Voices For Freedom’ as seen in all their webinars, publications, and meetings. Others are inconsistent in the language they use about it, occasionally saying on one hand the virus hasn’t been isolated, but on the other, talking mostly as though it has.

If the ‘virus’ has not been isolated, then that changes everything. Everything! It is not some side issue. We need to adjust all our language to be consistent with that fact. Language is important. Whoever controls the language controls the issue. Virtually all talk in the health freedom community about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin assumes the existence of the virus and the disease. Interestingly, Dr Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Research Scientist at Pfizer, UK, after two and a half years of accepting the basic pandemic narrative, but warning against the jabs... has now said he no longer accepts the existence of Sars CoV-2 nor Covid 19 as a disease. Well… while I heard that, in the latest piece of his I listened to, he is ambiguous. He doesn’t have his language sorted.

So... should the official narrative be accepted in whole or in part?

There are four basic assumptions that people implicitly or explicitly accept if they admit the official narrative.

1. Assumption 1.
That the claimed Sars Cov-2 ‘virus’ has been isolated/purified, and thus been shown to exist.

The existence of viruses as disease causing agents is deeply ingrained in our culture and has been for around 130 years. We’ve all been raised to believe in these scary, tiny, invisible, reproducing, intracellular, parasitic entities that, it’s claimed, attack and threaten us from the outside, cause disease…and can easily be pickup from our environment and transmitted person to person. They’re regularly invoked when a doctor or nurse doesn’t know the cause of some symptoms they observe. However, the number of people who adhere to a belief, does not determine the truth of the belief.

Apparently, no one in New Zealand has done the research required to establish the existence of Sars Cov-2… or any other 'virus’ for that matter. If any official body could have done this it would be the New Zealand ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research). But despite copious information on its website about its role in monitoring Covid and sequencing genomes, it said in response to a Freedom of Information Request,

‘ESR has not performed any experiments to scientifically prove the existence of SARS-COV-2 and can therefore not provide you with any records. We accordingly rely on section 18(e) of the Act, that the documents containing the information requested cannot be found.’

This is from just one of over two hundred and ten Freedom of Information requests made to official health agencies, governments, universities, etc, worldwide, by Canadian Christine Massey and her associates. Not one of these organisations have supplied evidence scientifically proving the existence of the claimed virus.

Every winter a flu ‘virus’ supposedly spreads through New Zealand and flu jabs are pushed on everyone. But who has isolated and proved that such a virus exists and is the cause of the sickness people experience? Everyone just believes someone else, who believes someone else, who believes someone’s turtles all the way down. For example, my MD brother in law said in regard to Sars Cov-2, “I trust Medsafe”...the body charged with certifying the safety of vaccines and medications used in New Zealand. But Medsafe, run by the New Zealand Ministry of Health, has no evidence Sars Cov-2 has been isolated…according to an Official Information Request made of it.

I’m fully aware many claim isolation/purification has occurred…from self-appointed ‘Fact-checkers’, to writers of original papers. However if you read the original papers, it’s clear they never even attempted to isolate a ‘virus’ per the usual meaning of the word ‘isolate’...that is, separate something from everything else. Check the methods section of any original paper and you will see that what they term ‘isolation’ involves taking some body fluid from the respiratory tract or lungs of a sick person, filtering it somewhat to get rid of bigger particles, then putting the remaining gunk in a cell culture of monkey kidney host cells, fetal bovine serum, various antibiotics, etc, and watching for a few days to see if the host cells die, what’s called the cytopathic effect. When this occurs, it’s said to result from a viral infection of the cells. Obviously there’s no isolation, in the normal meaning of the term, in such a procedure.

Apparently, no control experiments have ever been done, except one in 1954 by John Enders, the results of which he apparently ignored, and some very recently by Stefan Lanka, to see if the cytopathic effect really was the result of viral infection and not something else. These experiments showed that the cytopathic effect could be obtained without any supposedly infectious material from a sick person being present. That is, it was simply an artefact of the experimental method. In short, no experiment has ever isolated/purified...that is separated out from everything else...a Sars Cov-2 virus particle. They’ve all used the culture method, which adds things to, rather than isolates things from, a patient sample. If it hasn’t been isolated, then it can’t have been characterised, that is, had its features and functions identified…which includes such things as ‘spike proteins’ and various receptors.

Now, if it’s never been isolated, how can you know it exists? Well, we’re then pointed to Electron Microscope images of what are claimed to be the ‘virus’. But things in these images do not come with labels on them, and the very procedures and chemicals used in preparing slides affects the material viewed. How then is it known that the things claimed to be a virus actually are a virus and not something else? They’re certainly not isolated from everything else, nor from other things which look similar. And this lays aside the issue of whether what is viewed outside the body on a microscope slide…in vetro...after receiving some pretty harsh treatment, bears any resemblance to what it would look like in its natural living environment in the body…in vivo. Do I need to note that all the fancy, technicoloured, animated images of the claimed virus, or parts thereof, are simply works of computer artists? EM images are stills in shades of grey, of dead material.

I’ve no stake in whether viruses, including Sars Cov-2, exist or not. I’m interested in evidence they do. So if anyone knows of any original research which shows that the ‘virus’ Sars Cov-2 has been isolated/purified/separated out from everything else, shown to exist, tell me. People who have scoured the literature looking for such research have not found any. Good luck.

2. Assumption 2.
That the claimed ‘virus’ is the cause of a disease.

Clearly, the vast majority accept it is, and are terrified. But as before, the number of adherents to a belief does not determine the truth of that belief. Determining the cause of sickness is a very difficult thing to do, and thus in the late 1800’s Robert Koch proposed his widely acknowledged ‘Koch’s Postulates’ as a possible way to achieve this. Mostly we have no idea. We slap a label on symptoms and think we have identified a cause. People are falling sick and dying all the time, but that does not tell you what caused them to be sick or to die. Yet I’ve heard dozens of people say something like, “I had covid,” or “So and so had covid”, and a few, “I know covid is real because I’ve had it!” as though a logical fallacy constitutes proof!

The sceptic may then be faced with the almost universal rejoinder, ‘Well, if it’s not the virus making people sick, what is?’ This expresses the popular but badly mistaken idea that if you falsify an explanation for something, you’re obligated to provide an alternative. You’re not. It’s perfectly in order to have no alternative explanation. This may not seem satisfactory to some, but a falsified explanation is falsified. End of story. It does not stand simply because no other explanation may exist at present.

There are no symptoms unique to this claimed disease, so no symptoms can be used to identify it. Symptoms are epidemiological observations, and do not establish causation. Most people claimed to have ‘covid’ have no symptoms at all. I have a friend who said his uncle in England had died of covid. I asked how he knew it was covid. He tested positive. How old was he? Eighty five. Did he have co-morbidities? Yes. He was eighty five with serious co-morbidities... yet because he tested positive, they said he died of covid. Correlation does not prove causation. The only method used to identify this claimed disease is through a test, not through symptoms… a test that is assumed to identify a single causal agent.

ESR was asked if they had proven the connection between SAR COV-2 and COVID 19. ESR responded:

‘ESR has not performed any experiments to scientifically prove that SARS-COV-2 virus causes COVID 19 and therefore cannot provide you with any records. We are therefore not able to release any information relating to this request under Section 18(e) of the Official Information Act 1982 as the information requested does not exist’

One thing the acceptance of this assumption has done is produce widespread fear, even terror, throughout the global population, spread by the incessant and all the pervasive, obscene fear porn issuing recklessly, irresponsibly, and relentlessly from governments, their tame mandarins, and leftist activists disguised as journalists of the bought-and-paid for Main Stream Media, which in New Zealand sounds like the Mouth of Saron... or Grima Wormtongue... the hiss of the snake.

Add to this the fear and stress of losing one’s job if not vaccinated, as mandates require, thus losing income and the means of feeding and housing families… paying the rent or the mortgage, the stress of possibly or actually losing friendships or seriously damaging or breaking family relationships over it as has happened countless times, plus being locked away from normal social activities and healthy pursuits, and you have people not only rendered susceptible to illness, but primed to accept powerful manipulation.

In this vulnerable state they are induced to slavishly obey and comply with obviously absurd requirements, such as social distancing, not attending social gatherings, not shaking hands, not hugging, not talking to neighbours, wearing a mask which makes them look like a jerk, and accepting a so-called ‘vaccine’ as ‘safe and effective’ simply on the basis of the omnipresent propaganda from a government that adamantly refuses to investigate jab injuries and deaths, stories of which are heart rending. If people accept and submit to such absurdities, and callously shut their ears and eyes to the lives being destroyed by the jabs and mandates, casually dismissing them as ‘collateral damage’, what other evils will they tolerate, while thinking they are being enlightened, righteous and good? It’s like a cultic hood comes down requiring total obedience and refusing all questions. Where is the compassion?

The 18th Century French philosopher Voltaire said,

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

3. Assumption 3.
That the claimed ‘viral genome’, which is used to identify the claimed ‘virus’ and so-called variants, identify infected people, and produce appropriate vaccines, is a real world genome.

No whole genome has been extracted from a viral particle, which implicitly confirms that ‘the virus’ has never been isolated/purified/characterised. If it had they would have extracted the whole genome directly from it, establishing a secure provenance, rather than go through the process they did to arrive at the ‘original’ genome.

Simplified, that procedure went something like this…you can read the article online in the magazine Nature, Vol 579, page 265, lead author Fan Wu. They took fluid from the lungs of a single man in Wuhan, who was sick with what they said was a new respiratory illness, and assumed a virus was present in this fluid. No filtration or purification of it was done so it would have contained many sources of genetic material; human, bacterial, fungi, etc, from both inside and outside the body.

They extracted all the short RNA sequences, call ‘reads’, in this fluid.  After assessing the quantity of RNA, trimming for quality, and deleting Ribosomal RNA, they ended up with over 56 million reads. They ran the 56 million reads through two computer programs, called MEGAHIT and TRINITY, asking them to align the reads in sequences…called ‘contigs’. MEGAHIT generated over 384,000 contigs ranging in size from 200 to 30,474 nucleotide base pairs. TRINITY generated over 1.3 million contigs in size from 201 to over 11,000 base pairs. At some point they deleted what they considered to be human reads as per the human genome – Release 32, and ended up with over 23.7 million non-human reads. They then chose one of the longest of the contigs aligned, and voila, there you have it…the viral genome of 29,903 base pairs…produced ‘In Silico’…that is, in a computer. It begs the question why this contig is the genome and not one of the thousands of others, and how they knew the reads from which it was assembled, originated in a virus. They then uploaded this In Silico genome to an online genbank, from which it has apparently been used as the template against which all 13.4 million later ones have been compared. The genome is clearly not a real world genome, one found in nature, but rather is a computer construct, a product of human imagination. Yet the vast majority implicitly accept the assumption that it’s real world, whether they know of it or not.

Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR
Assumption 4.
That the PCR test, and Rapid Antigen Test are legitimate diagnostic tools for determining that a person has Covid 19.

The late Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR, while accepting the existence of ‘viruses’, explicitly said that PCR was not a diagnostic tool for infectious diseases and could not tell you whether you were sick or not. And yet this genetic manufacturing procedure, has been used:

Neither of these so-called ‘tests’, test directly for a virus. At the very best they supposedly identify things which are said to relate to a ‘virus’, ie, small genetic fragments or associated molecules. As no ‘virus’ has been isolated, neither of these things can be verified.

If you’ve never extracted and sequenced the whole viral genome…because you’ve never isolated a viral particle with its whole, intact genome inside, how do you know that any short sequence was part of the viral genome? You don’t and can’t. And what say the sequences are found in other organisms, which apparently they are? In that case they’re not unique to a claimed virus and can’t be diagnostic of it.

So there you have it...four basic assumptions behind the whole covid situation, assumptions that are never questioned, let alone challenged, by those who peddle the official narrative.

1. That the ‘Sars Cov-2 virus’ has been isolated/purified/characterised, thus shown to exist.
2. That the ‘virus’ causes a disease, Covid 19.
3. That the genome of the ‘virus’ has be obtained and sequenced.
4. That the ‘tests’ for the ‘virus’ are valid tests.

None of these assumptions are correct, and yet the world has been turned upside down and set on fire because of them. If we do not deal with this virus isolation/purification/existence issue, and kill it once and for all, then we will repeatedly face new ‘lethal viruses’ every couple of years, and I imagine worse draconian measures implemented by Governments globally. They know they can get away with it. They’ve done once, why not again? They are skilled at it. They know probably 90 % of the population is fully compliant. Leaving the narrative intact means it will come again like an immortal Hydra and bite us harder than ever.

What are we to do?
Do your homework...which may be difficult if you don’t know where to start, or how to read the literature, and because of ruthless online censorship on major platforms of those who challenge the narrative. However there are excellent resources available online. Kiwis Drs Mark and Sam Bailey’s many videos and articles… would be a good place start. They’re a mix of the very accessible to technical, and are presented dispassionately, winsomely, and with humour. Follow that with Mike Stone’s huge collection of more technical material on his website… includes evaluation of, and provides links to, a host of original papers. Also watch Mike Wallach’s five part documentary, ‘The Viral Delusion’. Dr Andrew Kaufman is exceptionally clear and matter of fact in his explanations, and opened the eyes of most of us, as did Dr Tom Cowan’s clarity, manner, and questioning. Do I agree with everything these people say? No. But that doesn’t stop me gaining many valuable insights from them.

Live by truth, not by lies, which of course presupposes truth exists, not ‘your truth’ nor ‘my truth’…which is just another way of saying truth does not exist. No! For truth to be truth it must be objective not subjective…just truth. Be brave. Toughen up. Resist tyranny. Do not comply with inconsistent, nonsensical diktats. Keep on hugging. Permanently remove muzzles…both physical and psychological. Turn off the TV and and all propaganda. Speak up and spread the word, though I’ve found true believers refuse to engage, viewing themselves as superior and enlightened, and often respond with disdain and disrespect. And pray to the God who made us and our bodies with all their astounding systems and capacities for health, asking him, though undeserved, to show us grace and kindness, and defend us from deception and tyranny, and pride which so easily blinds eyes.


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Christine Massey, M.Sc. (2021) FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever. (Fluoride-Free Peel - 23/8/2022)

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