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Australia Fights Back

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Dossier Covid19

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Watch: Australian Police Choke, Wrestle Woman to the Ground for Not Wearing a Mask. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 11/8/2020)

Australia’s Covid police state: As one pregnant woman discovered, Victorian authorities will not tolerate any dissent. (James Bolt - Spiked - 6/9/2020)

The Case Against Lockdowns (and Police States). (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 11/9/2020)

Chris Uhlmann’s MSM Broadside Into Victoria’s Totalitarianism Vindicates Discerning Citizens. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 16/9/2020)

Le gouvernement victorien pousse un nouveau projet de loi pour détenir les «théoriciens du complot», les manifestants anti-lockdown et les familles : Les personnes détenues pourraient ensuite être placées dans des installations de quarantaine, telles que des hôtels, où elles peuvent être surveillées par les autorités. (Caldron Pool - 16/9/2020)

Avi Yemini Files HUGE Lawsuit Against The State of Victoria. (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 17/9/2020)

WATCH: Victorian Police Handcuff and Arrest Terrified Grandmother. (Caldron Pool - 20/9/2020)

Missing Autistic Boy Found Dead After Victorian Police Tell Family and Volunteers to Go Home And Not Break COVID-19 Rules. (Caldron Pool - 23/9/2020)

The Choice Is Always Between the Real King and False Kings. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 30/10/2020)

Senator Pauline Hanson Urges Australian Government to Reject ‘The Great Reset’, Boycott World Economic Forum. (Caldron Pool - 10/11/2020)

Australia’s PM Rejects The Great Reset: “We Don’t Need It”. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 12/1/2021)

Millions Marched against Mandatory Vaccinations today in Australia. (John Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 20/2/2021)

Over 56k Australians Sign Petition Opposing Vaccine Passports. (Caldron Pool - 11/4/2021)

'This is what [the Australian] government refuses to tell you': Alan Jones
(SkyNews - YouTube - 12 min. - 3/5/2021)

Vaxx Passport Madness is Getting Out of Control. (Bill Muehlenberg - 19/5/2021)

DO NOT QUESTION: YOU MUST OBEY: Our leaders are seeking blind obedience and total devotion from us peons. (Bill Muehlenberg - 20/5/2021) -> Questioning the mandatory vaccine

Video: Nearly 80 Police Swarm Church Service, Choke Congregant In Violent Takedown. (Protestia - 5/6/2021)

'It's for your own good': The rise of health fascism – for our own good of course. (Bill Muehlenberg - 13/6/2021)

Daring to be a Daniel (in Victoriastan): Political prisoner Paul Furlong needs our support. (Bill Muehlenberg - 17/6/2021)

Left Goes Berserk Over Australian Billionaire Distributing Anti-COVID Vaccine Flyers Across Nation: "The COVID-19 Vaccine doesn't stop you from getting COVID and it doesn't stop you from passing it on. Does it serve any real purpose?" the flyers ask. (Infowars - 22/6/2021)

Government Makes Tracing App Mandatory, Churches Required to Deny Entry to Noncompliant Staff Writer: "We are not prepared to refuse entry to our congregation on a matter of conscience," one Queensland pastor said. (Caldron Pool - 23/6/2021)

Postcard From Sydney. (Steve Waterson - Lockdown Sceptics - 28/6/2021)

Underreported: Deaths After Vaccine Outnumber COVID Deaths, Australian Stats From Jan-June 2021 Reveal. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 29/6/2021)

Health Fascism And Big Brother Overreach: The rise of health fascism should alarm us all. (Bill Muehlenberg - 2/7/2021)

Craig Kelly Says Vaccine Program Must Be Halted: "Informed Consent Is Not Occurring". (Caldron Pool - 3/7/2021)

Government Tracking To Be Mandatory in Australia: In the conservative Howard and Bush government era, under the shadow of 9/11, a track and trace surveillance equivalent of the Islamic community was heralded as Islamophobic. The approach was red-flagged as fascist; oppressive and a breach of human rights and civil liberties. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 7/7/2021)

"No Jab, No Job": Is Bureaucratic Rule By Decree Superseding Constitutional Guarantees?: The current government must know that it is political suicide to kill fundamental freedoms, through an iron-fisted - consequences be damned - mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of everyone who didn't need it, or want it. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 13/7/2021)

Resisting the Health Dictatorships; We are now fully in the throes of health fascism. (Bill Muehlenberg - 13/7/2021)

Senator Alex Antic Joins the Fight Against Vaccine Passports: "We cannot tell Australian citizens that they can only work, travel or see their family if they undergo a medical procedure. Our role must be to inform and encourage, not to coerce." (Lincoln Brown - Caldron Pool - 15/7/2021)

Melbourne in Chaos as Protestors Resist New COVID Lockdowns. (Tita Smith/Daily Mail - Lockdown Sceptics - 15/7/2021)

Police Launch New Strike Force, Vow to Charge "As Many People As Possible" Over Australia's Freedom Rally: Officers have already charged 57 people and issued more than 90 infringement notices, many to protesters for not wearing masks and for travelling outside their local government area. (Caldron Pool - 24/7/2021)

Mass Arrests of Freedom Protesters in Cuba Are Set to be Mirrored in Australia: Understanding and dialogue needs to replace any further police state tactics. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 29/7/2021)

Medical Doctor Responds to Health Minister Calling the Unvaccinated "Extremely Selfish": "...despite one-third of the Australian population being obese, the doctrine of 'fat acceptance,' never once condemned by these bureaucrats, has taken off even more impressively than their BMIs." (Caldron Pool - 29/7/2021)

Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines: Citizens who plan and attend protests being spoken about as if they were terrorists. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 30/7/2021)

Wilson: "If the Aussies Are Starting to Kick, It Must Be Pretty Bad". (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 30/7/2021)

WATCH: Aussie priest makes a perfect case AGAINST lockdowns at Sydney protest. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 30/7/2021)

We Haven't Been Given the Full Picture: "While it is a comforting idea to believe the government is our only source of truth, a superficial dig below the surface reveals this is not the case." (Caldron Pool - 31/7/2021)

This Is Why People Don't Trust the Government or the Media: The family told the Daily Telegraph that Alaskar had received a negative test result for Covid the day before his death. (Caldron Pool - 6/8/2021)

Pro-lockdown bureaucrats seemingly 'immune' from the effects of restrictions. (Sky News - 6/8/2021)

'All hail Gladys': Students at Sydney's stadium vaccination hub are creeped out by giant screens showing Gladys Berejiklian. (Kate Rooney - Daily Mail Australia - 11/8/2021)

Russell Crowe Slammed for Shooting Movie in Locked Down Australia: 'People Can't See Family … But 'A-Listers' Producing Movies Is Essential?' (David Ng - Breitbart - 12/8/2021)

Domestic Vaccine Passports Exalt the Ignorant and Enslave the Free: "We should be raising ANZACs who are well informed enough to turn away from ungodly, unchristian, and anti-Western governance." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 19/6/2021)

Aussie Cops Pledge To Unleash "Full Force" As Large Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 21/8/2021)

Another Australian MP Breaks With Totalitarianism in a Bold Stand for Freedom: "Davies, and her diverse, but like-minded supporters within the ranks, are putting themselves and their careers between the public and the rise of totalitarianism." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 21/8/2021)

VIDEO: Thousands protesting lockdowns in Australia results in police firing rubber bullets and tear gas, 6 cops hospitalized, and massive fines levied. (Paul Sacca - The Blaze - 21/8/2021)

Australia Rethinks Covid Strategy After Cases Hit Record Despite Draconian Lockdowns. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 22/8/2021)

Australian Truckers Warn Citizens to Stock Up on Food as They Prepare to Take Over the Country. (Brian Shilhavy - Health Impact News - 22/8/2021)

Australia is going full Fascist …but resistance is growing The Australian government been leading the pack on Covid-based tyranny from the beginning, but are they pushing their citizens to breaking point? (Kit Knightly - Off-Guardian - 23/8/2021)

Australian army veteran: 3 of the 24 000 children vaccinated at a stadium are now dead. (Free West Media - 23/8/2021)

Christensen Condemns Police for Shooting Civilians Protesting for Freedom: "We demand that our freedoms be restored and I demand that peaceful protesters patriotic freedom-loving men and women never ever be fired upon in this country ever again." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 25/8/2021)

"Infectious Diseases Discrimination Is Against the Law," Says NSW Government Staff Writer: If infectious diseases discrimination includes unfair treatment on the assumption that someone has or may acquire an infectious disease, are the NSW Government's policies against the law? (Caldron Pool - 27/8/2021)

No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Australia Builds More Quarantine Camps The move has been slammed across social media, particularly by non-Australians, who have likened the facilities to concentration camps and gulags. (Caldron Pool - 27/8/2021)

Australian Citizen Issues Major SOS to the World: Simeon Boikov of Aussie Cossack joins The Alex Jones Show. (Infowars - 44 minutes - 27/8/2021)

Over 1,000 Church Leaders Take A Stand Against Vaccine Passports in Open Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison: The letter, dubbed The Ezekiel Declaration, was authored by three Queensland-based pastors who vowed to passionately resist any vaxx certificate system enforced on the church. (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 29/8/2021)

Australian Senator: Government's Are Playing Politics With the Virus: "Power has gone to the heads of our elected leaders and unelected bureaucrats, who are exercising powers yet do not feel the consequences themselves." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 1/9/2021)

Over 52k Concerned Educators and Parents Sign Petition Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations for Teachers Staff Writer BY STAFF WRITER SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 "The value and worth of teachers has now been limited to whether they adhere to a forced medical procedure," a teacher said. (Caldron Pool - 1/9/2021)

Religious Leaders File Huge Lawsuit Against State Governments to Restore Freedoms: Internationally renowned COVID-19 expert, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University in California has provided an independent expert report in support of the action brought forward by the plaintiffs. (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 3/9/2021)

10 Life-Giving Hacks for Living Within Lockdown Limits, Without Having to Die by Them: "In sum, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with what you've got, that counts." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 5/9/2021)

Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate — This brave Australian pilot is facing termination for not submitting to the company's demands of "no jab, no job."
(RoyalAustralian - Rumble - 25 minutes - 7/9/2021)

The Covid Untouchables: You WILL be made "safe" – or else! (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 8/9/2021)

Melbourne Synagogue Faced With Over $500k in Fines After Celebrating Jewish Holiday: "When was the last time in history police surrounded a Synagogue for holding 'illegal services' on Rosh Hashanah? Nazi Germany," Avi Yemini said. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 9/9/2021)

Pursuing 'COVID Zero' Has Turned Australia Into An Authoritarian State: Australia offers a cautionary tale of how an open and free society will quickly become dystopian because of fear. (Helen Raleigh - The Federalist - 9/9/2021)

Australia's authoritarian lesson: Don't let your government grow while your church shrinks. (Steve Jordahl, Billy Davis - American Family News - 9/9/2021)

Ten Reasons Why Online Church is Not Real Church: Now is the time to insist that churches be re-opened. For everyone: vaccinated and unvaccinated. (Gregory Chan - Caldron Pool - 11/9/2021)

Everything Wrong with Vaccine Passports and Mandatory Jabs. (Rowan Dean/Outsiders/SkyNews - Gary Green - FreedomTube - 14/9/2021)

The Coming Covid Divide: Things are ramping up in the Covid Wars. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 15/9/2021)

Professor of Public Ethics: The Vaccine-Hesitant Are as Evil as Climate Change "Deniers" For all the vitriolic claims about "anti-vaxxer and climate change deniers" all being nut-cases and conspiracy theorists, Hamilton is guilty of his own tin-foil hat nonsense. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 15/9/2021)

The Moses Statement - Hundreds of Church Leaders Sign Open Letter Calling for a Re-Opening of Churches in Australia "In a health crisis with no clear end in sight, the alarming increase in suicide, alcoholism, and depression, the pressing need to hold public worship should be even more evident," the letter states. (Caldron Pool - 16/9/2021)

Australia: UAP Chairman Preparing to Challenge Vaccine Mandates and Degeneration of Rights and Liberties. (Rhoda Wilson - Daily Exposé - 16/9/2021)

The People vs. The State: Australian Vaccine Mandates to Be Challenged in the Supreme Court There are currently four cases challenging forced vaccinations before the Supreme Court. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 17/9/2021)

Don't Let the Shepherds Silence You on Digital Vaccine Passports If we once normalise an unbiblical divide like this in church, we are searing the consciences of our members and setting ourselves up for long-term segregation whether mandated or not because we have NOT clearly said, "It is wrong." (Caldron Pool - 18/9/2021)

Anti-Lockdown Protesters In Australia "Break Police Line" As Clashes Erupt. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 18/9/2021)

Powerful Australian Trade Union Protests for Freedom Over Medical Tyranny The Australian flag being thrown to the ground along with the woman is a small, but powerful metaphor that illustrates the contempt Australia's overbearing, bloated bureaucracy has for the people they're paid to serve. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 20/9/2021)

"F**K The Jab, Long Live Australia" - 20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway In Massive Lockdown Protest. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 21/9/2021)

Lockdown Insanity: Broken Records, Broken Lives "We do not need to break world records. We need to break this diabolical and deadly tyranny in Victoria." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 23/9/2021)

"We Are Being Lied To and It Is Far From Being a 'Conspiracy Theory'" The professionals I spoke with today assure me that we, as a nation are being railroaded, we are being lied to and it is far from being a "conspiracy theory". As a nation, we are facing some very serious issues and time will expose them all. (Bob Cotton - Caldron Pool - 24/9/2021)

Zero Covid has torn Australia apart We're not learning to live with the virus, we're learning to live with authoritarianism. (James Bolt - Spiked - 29/9/2021)

Separation of Church and State… Except When It's Convenient for the State to Interfere. (Samuel Lindsay - Caldron Pool - 30/9/2021) -> "Unfortunately for Christians in Australia, we don't have clear constitutional provisions to point at when the state and territory government gets uncomfortably involved in religious affairs. It seems that while Section 116 of our constitution protects us from the Federal government messing with religion, the States and Territories get free reign."

Relief Is Coming for the Hesitant. (Tim Grant, Matthew Littlefield, and Giuliano Bordoni - Caldron Pool - 2/10/2021)

Australian Police Officers Opposing Vaccine Mandates and Draconian Restrictions Plan Legal Action: "The mandates and restrictions in the daily lives of citizens are causing significant mental and financial harm to families and our children," the officers have warned. (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 3/10/2021)

Why Are Christian Leaders Undermining Conscience and Human Rights? We must strongly oppose the campaign being waged by some evangelical intellectuals to de-legitimise the concerns and emotions that lie behind Covid vaccine hesitancy and thereby void the church's responsibility to speak up about significant human rights violations. (Gregory Chan - Caldron Pool - 4/10/2021)

Coronavirus Insane Videos Show Australian Cops Battering Grocery Shoppers, Protesters Fighting Back, Chanting "FREEDOM" Melbourne has been locked down for 245 days, the longest stretch in the world. (Steve Watson - Summit News - 4/10/2021)

Victoria's Dictator Has Utterly Lost His Mind. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 5/10/2021)

Numerous Human Rights Declarations Speak Out Against Coercive Medicine. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 11/10/2021) -> "As these and other documents make clear, the sorts of things we are seeing in Australia and the West concerning mandatory medicine, coercive health care, forced injections, vaccine passports and the like are for the most part condemned as unethical and gross infringements on our basic human rights and fundamental civil liberties."

Australia Building Quarantine Camps For "Ongoing Operations" Facility being built to house those "who have not had access to vaccination." (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 12/10/2021)

Australia and the Loss of Freedom: Why People Like Daniel Andrews Are Dangerous to All: "Now the state can decide who you can and cannot have on your payroll based on people's private medical choices which should be protected under the 1988 privacy act. How has that even come into being in a country like Australia? Even more, how has that come into being without a major societal uproar?" (Giuliano Bordoni - Caldron Pool - 13/10/2021)

Replace "Unvaccinated" in the Public Health Orders With "Jew" or "Black" to See What Sort of Society We've Become If it sounds like discrimination, that's because it is. (Caldron Pool - 17/10/2021)

Is It 'Informed Consent' If The Facts Are Suppressed? "It appears that in many cases, there has not been 'valid consent' because of undue pressure, coercion, manipulation and withholding of risks. This is wicked and shameful, particularly considering that we are supposed to be a democratic and free society." (Bob Cotton - Caldron Pool - 21/10/2021)

Senator Pauline Hanson Introduces Bill to Make It Unlawful to Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated: "All of this discrimination sends a clear message: the rights of the individual will be protected only so long as they do not conflict with the state. There is nothing – not even a global pandemic – more dangerous to a free society," Senator Hanson said. (Caldron Pool - 21/10/2021)

No, It Is Not 'Freedom Day' in Melbourne – Not Even Close "We need a prisoner swap here: Free all of us Victorians and lock up Andrews. Throwing away the key might be a good step as well." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 22/10/2021)

COVID-19 Required a Scalpel, the Government Used a Bat "By forcing our hand, the government has turned my family's strong resistance to vaccine mandates into a fight for survival." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 23/10/2021)

Australia's Digital Identity Program: A Pathway to the Social Credit System? The foundation of despotism has already been laid in our nation, all our government requires is a more effective and streamlined system to implement their regime - could the Digital Identity System provide that? (Grace Elizabeth Harrison - Caldron Pool - 26/10/2021)

Popular Australian Cartoonist Axed for Criticising Mandatory Vax "When the only allowable opposition is what the Left approves as opposition, we are no longer dealing with reasoned debate, but a manufactured narrative and its badly constructed religion." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 27/10/2021)

Dictatorship Dangers Everywhere: Two shocking new moves against freedom and democracy. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 27/10/2021)

Dictatorship For Life in Victoria? "Western governments can very easily and very quickly descend into tyranny as they strip us of our most fundamental liberties. Any crisis – real or imagined – can serve as a pretext for more government power and control, and more politicians lording it over the masses." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 28/10/2021)

Pro-surfer Health Nut, Kelly Slater, Labelled an Anti-vaxxer for Defending Informed Consent: Another pro-health professional athlete has been defamed as an "anti-vaxxer" after defending informed consent. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 28/10/2021)

"Stop Medical Apartheid!" - Police Passive As Huge Crowd Protests Australia's Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 30/10/2021)

Victorian City Councillor Rips Into Daniel Andrews Over Vaccination Segregation "My creeping assumption is that this government and all other governments like it, need to be reminded that they exist to protect human rights, not blackmail us with them." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 30/10/2021)

Dictator Dan Has Shown His True Colours With the Pandemic Management Bill "For a proposed law to not be debated properly, to be rushed through parliament, for it to violate several individual human rights at the same time as being the harshest 'pandemic response' laws based on a 'potential pandemic'- there is only one thing left: Federal intervention based on section 109 of the Constitution - inconsistency." (Andrea Tokaji - Caldron Pool - 31/10/2021)

Victoria Australia is now under total communist control and the mark of the beast is rapidly being implemented. (John Gideon Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 27 minutes - 2/11/2021) -> message by Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

'Give me liberty, or give me death:' We all must stand against the new tyranny. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 2/11/2021)

Human Rights Legal Advocate's Open Letter to WA Employers "All employers in Australia need to educate themselves and think deeply about their next move." (Andrea Tokaji - Caldron Pool - 3/11/2021)

"They're Coming After Your Kids," Warns Australian Academic and Author "When you feed power-hungry technocrats you only ever create more of an appetite for power, because that rush, that dopamine rush that they get from seeing everyone fall in line becomes an addiction." (Caldron Pool - 5/11/2021)

Australian Nurse Charged After Pretending to Administer Vaccine. (Daniel Khmelev/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 8/11/2021)

Thousands of Australians Gather to "Reclaim the Line" Against "No Jab, No Job" Authoritarianism "As Caldron Pool has consistently warned against, and is now painstakingly pointing out: the line between warring against the COVID-19 virus and warring against the people has been dangerously crossed." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 9/11/2021)

Senator Calls for Immediate Suspension of Vaccine Rollout for Children Following the Death of 14-Year-Old Girl "If ever there was a reason when the precautionary principle should be applied, then the safety of our children should be it." (Caldron Pool - 10/11/2021)

There Is No Hard Scientific Justification for Hazardous Public Health Policies Under Hazzard's watch, if Schindler's List, Sarah's Key, or Life is Beautiful, were to be released today in cinemas around New South Wales, (ironically) only those deemed superior by the state - those with pledge passports - would be able to go and watch them. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 11/11/2021)

Queensland Government Faces Legal Action Over Plans to Create Two-Class Society: "I will ensure these politicians are bureaucrats are held accountable for any losses and will legally make these individuals financially accountable for any damages," Palmer said. (Caldron Pool - 11/11/2021)

Man Shot to Death Counted as COVID-19 Fatality: Not the Babylon Bee. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 11/11/2021)

"Kill The Bill" - Thousands of Australians March Against Victoria's COVID Powers. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 13/11/2021)

Brace Yourself, Australia, It Is Game on Against Segregation "Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won't be able to hide... you are going to have a very very lonely life," warned Queensland AMA president. (Giuliano Bordoni - Caldron Pool - 13/11/2021)

Leftists Are the Real Enemies of Freedom and Choice "Who are the ones demanding mandatory vaccinations and vax passports? Who are the ones fully supporting draconian lockdowns and coercive health mandates? Who are the champions of Big Government controlling every aspect of our lives? Yep – the new left despots." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 14/11/2021)

'Outrageous': Melbourne Doctor To Sue Victorian Government After Surgery 'Raided Without Warrant' "All Victorians should be outraged that their medical records can be seized by the Victorian Government without a valid search warrant," Dr Hobart said. (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 15/11/2021)

NSW Government Extends Emergency Powers Until 2023: "The emergency powers will allow the Health Minister to close parliament which removes all transparency and safeguards to our democracy and freedoms." (Caldron Pool - 16/11/2021)

Resistance to Tyranny: 50 Years on: So proud to be part of this MASSIVE freedom rally. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 21/11/2021)

Hundreds of Thousands of Australians Rise up in Defence of Civil Liberties, Informed Consent and the Restoration of Good Government: "The massive wave of protests in Australia follows months of protests in France, and the rising wave of visible dissent in Austria, and Italy, as governments continue to pursue a hard-line authoritarian course further into the abyss of therapeutic totalitarianism." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 24/11/2021)

The Aussie Cossack shows Avi Yemini his latest trick for over-zealous cops. (Rebel News - 25/11/2021)

Australian Medical Association: "You Won't Be Able to Hide. Your Life Will Be Miserable" "'No jab, no job' is political, not medical. It is a fierce medical violation of a person's conscience, rights, body, and consent. It is not patient care." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 26/11/2021)

Big Tech Censors Government Data Showing 800 Vaccine Adverse Event Reports Among Children In One Month The short video shows a screen capture of the TGA's website, which lists about 800 adverse event reports for Australian children aged 15 years and younger from October 1 to November 11. (Caldron Pool - 26/11/2021)

Bookshop Offers Free Bibles After Powerful Speech at Freedom Rally Prompts Renewed Interest In God "When the state is not restrained by a law greater than itself, it will become a law unto itself," Evelyn said. (Caldron Pool - 28/11/2021)

Freedom Rally Protests Continue as Even Stronger Crowds Fill Australian Streets With the Voice of Dissent "No jab, no job," is the equivalent of "any dissent against the state, equals no food for you and your kid's plate." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 29/11/2021)

Massive Protests Erupt In Australia Over Worsening COVID Authoritarianism. (Shawn Fleetwood - The Federalist - 29/11/2021)

Des camps de quarantaine pour les non-vaccinés sont construits en Australie. (Docteur Peter EL BAZE - Telegram - 30/11/2021) -> citation d'Anastasia Palaszczuk, premier minstre de l'état de Queensland

Authors of the Ezekiel Declaration Throw Full Support Behind Critic's Plea to End Segregation "Can a Pastor who is thinking Biblically about the threats on employments, freedoms, rights, travel, and family, be heartened by the fact that so many people have given up, and given in to Government overreach?" (Tim Grant, Matthew Littlefield, Warren McKenzie, Daniel Roberts and Tom Foord - Caldron Pool - 2/12/2021)

Inside Australia's Covid internment camp Freddie Sayers spoke to Hayley Hodgson, who has returned from a 14-day detention. (UnHerd - 2/12/2021)

Australian Man Arrested For Escaping Quarantine Camp. (OAN - 2/12/2021)

Senator Critical of Government Overreach Detained in Quarantine Hotel, Says He's Been Targeted by "Bureaucratic Overlords" "They're not really after me, they're after all of us," the Senator said. (Caldron Pool - 3/12/2021)

Member of European Parliament Accuses Australian Government of Trampling on Human Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Rule of Law Christine Anderson (MEP) said the government's response to the virus is not about "breaking the fourth wave," but instead, "it is all about breaking people." (Caldron Pool - 6/12/2021)

Revealed: The Locations of Australia's Quarantine Camps | Exclusive We take an exclusive look at the names and locations of COVID quarantine camps across Australia. (TOTT News - 7/12/2021)

Aussie PM Compares Vaccinated People to Sheep: That's pretty offensive. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 13/12/2021)

"Australia Is in a Dark Place," Says Senator Forced Into Quarantine Detention Under Guard: "The fact representatives like Antic, Christensen, Roberts, Kelly and Rennick are seemingly being railroaded by a bloated bureaucracy, and big media, suggests they're hitting a raw nerve, and are perhaps closer to the truth than Australia's political class wants them to be." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 14/12/2021)

"Vaccines Are Not Stopping Transmission," Says NSW Health Minister "The one thing that we know about this--the one thing that it would appear to be likely with the Omicron variant is that the vaccines are not stopping transmission. The transmission appears to be quite high," Hazzard said. (Caldron Pool - 15/12/2021)

A Pastor's Confession: Why the Church Should Speak Up: A biblical/gospel issue regarding the government's reaction to Covid-19. (Dan Roberts - Caldron Pool - 18/12/2021)

Australia's Chief Pharmacist Says Public Needs to Accept Boosters & Mask Mandates For "Many Years" to Come: Bio-security police state to become a permanent fixture. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 23/12/2021)

POLICE STATE: Australians Mass Protest After Churches Raided, Moms Arrested, Citizen Snitches
(The 700 Club - YouTube - 7 minutes - 8/12/2021)

Businesses Were Once Threatened With Large Fines For Exploiting Fears About SARS and Exaggerating Health Benefits of Masks: "As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath, they stop doing their job and pass on the droplets." (Caldron Pool - 2912/2021)

Up to Half of COVID-19 Hospitalizations Admitted for Non-COVID Reasons, Including Broken Bones, Labour Pains "A reasonable proportion of cases being classified as Covid hospitalisations are actually people with other reasons for admission," NSW Health Minister said. (Caldron Pool - 3/1/2022)

Lockdown has destroyed the Australian spirit: This once easy-going country has become illiberal, mistrustful and divided. (Nick Cater - Spiked - 3/1/2022)

'Free Novak Djokovic' Petition Gets Over 80,000 Signatures In Three Days "If a successful, internationally recognized professional athlete can fall victim to the human rights violations of the ruling class, anybody can. (Caldron Pool - 10/1/2022)

We Must Never Forget Victoria's Two Months of Brutal Medical Tyranny "We must never forget what happened. We must frequently remind ourselves of the terrible cruelty that a Government which has become drunk on power is capable of inflicting upon a dissenting minority, with no robust scientific basis, even in a so-called 'liberal democracy'. We must remember how fragile basic freedoms are, and how easily civil liberties can be trampled on." (Caldron Pool - 11/1/2022)

New Documentary 'Battleground Melbourne' Attracts Over 200,000 Views In Two Days "Much has been said about Melbourne's freedom movement and those behind it. This film is their reply to the lies and misrepresentations they've endured for the past two years." (Caldron Pool - 15/1/2022)

Victorian Government-Funded Youth Body Tells Teens to go on "Vax Dates" And Get Vaccinated Without Their Parents' Permission "You don't actually need to get their permission. Wanna go do it now, go on a vax date?" (Caldron Pool - 17/1/2022)

Government Overreach in the Name of the "Greater Good" Is Catastrophic for Liberty: "Any serious student of the 1930s is struck by the familiarity of the debate." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 19/1/2022)

Australian Authorities Treat Average Citizens Even Worse Than They Did Novak Djokovic: Tennis star Novak Djokovic naively expected Australia to respect his freedom of choice when it has spent two years savaging its own people. (Carina Benton - The Federalist - 21/1/2022)

The Church Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting "Despite the plethora of biblical injunctions to 'fear not!' the church, on the whole, has not exhibited a robust spirit of courage." (Rev. Dr. Andrew W.G. Matthews - Caldron Pool - 25/1/2022)

The Beta Variant – A Pandemic of Softness "The Covid-19 response has proven that most men are betas who are comfortably enslaved by fear, and thus, they willingly surrendered their rights. It's as if they like the way their shackles match their purse." (Tom Foord - Caldron Pool - 27/1/2022)

Trucker Movement Goes Global: Convoy to Canberra. (Greg Reese - Infowars - 4/2/2022)

Australia now ADMITS covid vaccines are harming people, offers up to $600,000 in compensation for the seriously injured. (Ethan Huff - NaturalNews - 6/1/2022)

The Canberra Rally for Freedom Is a Massive Game-Changer: There is one thing that will always be with us: those who want to tyrannically rule over others. But there is also this: those who will resist such tyranny. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 12/2/2022)

Melbourne Police Support Lgbtq Freedom But Not Real Freedom Fighters.
(OurFreeSociety - BitChute - 1:19 minutes - 15/2/2022)

Senators Seek Answers From the AFP After Freedom Protesters Report Unexplainable Burns, Blisters, and Nausea "Pictures circulating on social media from around the time of the peaceful protests appeared to show the Australian Federal Police deployed with and standing next to, what was either a Long-Range Acoustic Device or Active Denial System." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 23/2/2022)

Dictatorship Installed Through the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Act 2021. (John Gideon Hartnett - Bible Science Forum - 23/2/2022)

Hundreds of Victorian police officers left operating illegally: Administrative bungle leaves 1000 Victorian police officers wrongly sworn in. (Alexandra Marshall - Rebel News - 24/2/2022)

#BoycottWoolworths Trends After Unvaccinated Staff Are Fired "Woolworths have terminated me for not being vaccinated... but I can still go into the store barefoot and unvaxxed tho." (Caldron Pool - 1/3/2022)

Doctor Suspended for Wrong-Think Dr Kok's new offences include articles from Desiring God, The Federalist, The Spectator, The Australian Christian Lobby, The Gospel Coalition, The Canberra Declaration, and Caldron Pool. (Caldron Pool - 14/3/2022)

Premier Says Mandatory QR Check-Ins and School RAT Programs Were Only a Media Stunt to Counter the Fear Campaign: "No Science Behind It at All" "There was no science behind it at all... We actually brought it back for one reason only, to instil confidence so that people would go out using QR codes." (Caldron Pool - 15/3/2022)

The AHPRA Inquisition Against Australian Health Professionals: "Without question, health care in Australia is now under the dark cloud of totalitarianism." (Caldron Pool - 16/3/2022)

'COVID Army' To Go 'Door to Door' Testing Symptom-Free Australians: "Hundreds of residents in Belmont, Bassendean, Claremont, and Melville are set to be among the first to be visited by teams conducting the testing, which has not yet been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration." (Caldron Pool - 18/3/2022)

Sydney woman calls for more support for those battling 'infuriating' side-effects Investment advisor, 34, says she has been left waking up with migraines and neck pain since getting the jab, with her condition leaving doctors 'stumped'. (Rebel News - 18/3/2022)

Unvaccinated Police Officers Dishonourably Discharged: " of the more devastating aspects of this blanket directive is watching the heartless treatment of long serving sworn officers, some on the verge of complex PTSD from all they have seen and done for us." (Evelyn Rae - Caldron Pool - 20/3/2022)

Kyle Sandilands Says He 'Conned' the Public Into Getting Vaccinated Through 'National Campaign': "I'm fit and proper to do the national campaign to con everyone into getting vaccinated." (Caldron Pool - 23/3/2022)

Australian Senator Warns WEF Is Penetrating Governments Around the World, Subverting Western Values, Introducing Marxist Authoritarianism "Antic warned the Senate that the organised and well-funded WEF, which promotes globalist issues, including climate change, so-called systemic racism and sexism, and online digital identities, is really an anti-capitalist, anti-free market organisation that seeks to subvert Western values and political processes." (Ben Davis - CaldronPool - 30/3/2022)

The Church Is to Blame for the Destructive Extent of the Mandates "Instead of being at the front of this issue, having roundly condemned evil from the start, the Church sat on its haunches and cuddled up to the world, submitted itself to the mandates, stayed quiet about their injustice, and in some instances even enforced them in their spheres of influence." (Matthew Littlefield - CaldronPool - 13/4/2022)

Victorian Government Attempting To Give Chief Health Officer Full Immunity For The Past Two Years: "I will not allow them, over the last two years, not to be held to account. Not at all." (CaldronPool - 6/5/2022)

Covid and the Crushing Use of Coercive Control: "At the highest end, perpetrators micromanage the lives of their victims, prevent them from seeing friends and family, track their movements and force them to obey a unique set of rules." (Tony Archer - CaldronPool - 10/5/2022)

Australian nurse breaks silence on Covid-19 vaccines and being censored The nurse described her personal experiences on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic and detailed the ridicule she faced for speaking out against the prevailing medical narrative. (Yasmin Sawyer - Rebel News - 17 minutes - 12/5/2022)

The Stage Is Set for a Showdown "The legacy media and political and professional classes have traded off the terror created by this manufactured crisis and they should be held to account for its devastating consequences. (Damien Richardson - CaldronPool - 15/5/2022)

Academic Calls for Royal Commission Into Australia's Totalitarian Response to COVID-19: "We need a Royal Commission into the madness and tyranny endured over the last two years." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 17/5/2022)

"Vaccine" Vigilantes Halt Town Hall Meeting After Declaring One Nation Candidate a Potential Threat to Public Health: "Both the moderator and current sitting 'Independent' member abruptly declared the 'unvaccinated' Tripp to be a potential health threat." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 18/5/2022)

Tyranny and the Pandemic Treaty: Australia and other nations will become puppet states of the WHO and the WEF. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 19/5/2022)

The Day I Realised Pragmatism and Unprincipled Politics Killed the Party: "A politician who will not lead according to what is right, even if the majority, at the time, disagreed with him, is more of a liability than an asset.". (Giuliano Bordoni - Caldron Pool - 19/5/2022) -> discusses the reality of the Australian Liberal National Party - discours as opposed to behaviour

The War on The Unvaccinated Was Lost. (Peter Chris - Australian Free Independent Press Network - 22/5/2022)

Medical Journal Says Maybe We Were Right After All "Christian leaders should have been on top of these issues as soon as there was even a hint of discussion of mandates and passports, especially from the perspective of religious conscientious objections. Instead, most were silent." (Tim Grant - CaldronPool - 28/5/2022)

Loyalty means nothing - Woolworths employee fired after 10 years for not taking the COVID-19 vaccination. (Yasmin Sawyer - Rebel News - 31/5/2022)

Découvrez l'officier supérieur du SAS (Special Air Service) qui appelle à une révolution violente en Australie et promet de « pendre » des politiciens, des milliardaires, des fonctionnaires et même des infirmières pour avoir créé un « canular pandémique ». (Profession Gendarme - 4/6/2022)

Troubling Trend: Deaths Spike in Highly Vaccinated Australia. (Adan Salazar - InfoWars - 7/6/2022)

Healthy Young People Are Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly from Mysterious Syndrome in Australia – Doctors Baffled and Seek Answers. (Jim Hoft - Gateway Pundit - 8/6/2022)

So, Now It's Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: "A lot of people are dying of heart attacks lately, have you noticed? I don't recall seeing so many articles with the headlines "died suddenly" yet containing no further explanation being so common prior to 2021, do you?" (Lincoln Brown - Caldron Pool - 17/6/2022)

Australian healthcare regulator to PERMANENTLY mandate vaccines Ahpra's new code of conduct takes effect on the 29th of June, 2022. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 17/6/2022)

No Place for a Caring Conscientious Doctor in a World of Irrational Health Mandates. (Australian Medical Network/Daily Declaration - 19/7/2022)

They Would Rather Influence You Than Inform You "Knowing this one fact, that media is more about influencing you than informing you, allows you to turn it into a valuable source of counter-narrative information." (Matthew Littlefield - Caldron Pool - 19/7/2022)

Graham "Hoody" Hood — The Courageous Pilot. (Leonie Robson - Daily Declaration - 20/7/2022)

"Covid" deaths hit new record in hyper-vaccinated Australia. (Ethan Huff - NaturalNews - 4/8/2022)

Plus l'Australie v4ccine et plus il y a de nouveaux cas, de malades hospitalisés et de décès ! (Planetes360 - 9/8/2022)

Trust Me, Someone Paid Me To Tell You This "The nation's ruling elites might do well to remember that the cosy images of consensus being broadcast on the nightly news and on 'your ABC' are the result not of genuine journalism but of government funding; and the censorship, in league with Big Tech, of dissidents." (John Stapleton - Caldron Pool - 10/8/2022)

The Dictator's Diabolical Designs: Debauchery and deviance know no bounds here it seems. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 12/8/2022) -> regarding Victorian premier Dan Andrews...

Senior nurse BREAKS SILENCE on hospital crisis: A pregnant Melbourne nurse says she faces termination for requesting medical advice on her booster as hospitals struggle to fill staff shortages. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 9 minutes - 17/8/2022)

The Beta Variant – More On The Pandemic of Softness: "It is a serious offence of the Pastoral office to take what is the second greatest commandment, and use it to further the agenda of a set of politicians." (Tom Foord - Caldron Pool - 20/8/2022)

Unvaccinated Teachers to be 'Punished' With A Pay Cut: Social Credit System Begins "The move has been likened to the Chinese Communist Party's social credit system, which is designed to control social behaviours through state-sanctioned rewards and punishments." (Caldron Pool - 23/8/2022)

More Despicable Discrimination: The Covid dictators are still on the path of total control. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 24/8/2022)

Charges Dropped Against Pregnant Mother Arrested Over Anti-Lockdown Facebook Post: To Premier Daniel Andrews she said: "I hope one day you'll have your day in court." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 30/8/2022)

MP uses maiden speech to liken Sydney lockdown to the communist dictatorship she fled Independent Dai Le who escaped the Fall of Saigon says overbearing Covid conditions were a step in the wrong direction. (Rebel News - 5/9/2022)

Deaths are soaring in one of the world's most highly mRNA vaccinated areas. (Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths - 8/9/2022) -> Regarding the Australian state of Victoria

Brave doctors SPEAK OUT to reclaim medicine: New medical union formed to bring back doctor-patient trust. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 13/9/2022)

Veterans give Labor MP a DRESSING-DOWN over 'hateful' tweet: Mocked servicemen demand an apology for 'dress-ups' comment by Dan Andrews' hand-picked parliamentary secretary. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 20/9/2022)

My Government Turned Me into an 'Anti-Vaxxer'. (Dr Julie Sladden - The Daily Declaration - 30/9/2022)

Behavioural Experts Used to Psychologically Manipulate the Public Into Compliance Behavioural scientists were similarly employed in the UK to scare or 'nudge' the public into compliance through the use of propaganda – a tactic that has been slammed as "anti-democratic." (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 4/10/2022)

The End of Doctors' Freedom to Ignore What the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry Say Should Worry Us All. (Dr. Frank Mercy - Daily Sceptic - 4/10/2022)

Australian government pushes for Digital ID system: Recent data hacks cited as calls for controversial system grow. (James Macpherson - Rebel News - 6/10/2022)

WATCH: Judge to rule on validity of Covid enforcer: Doubts raised over whether an 'Authorised Officer' had the power to shut down Melbourne gym. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - 6/10/2022)

Covid, Consent, and the Code of Conduct. (Dr Julie Sladden - The Daily Declaration - 13/10/2022)

Let's Talk Covid Apologies – And Reparations: Don't expect any apologies anytime soon. (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 18/10/2022)

The Australian Government is Offering to Pay For Funerals of Those Who DIE From COVID Vaccines: Describes its new policy as "fantastic". (Steve Watson - Summit News - 19/10/2022)

Scathing report into Australia's 'failed' pandemic response slams leaders Australia's COVID response was 'overreach' an independent report finds (James Macpherson - Rebel News - 20/10/2022)

Vaccine damaged in Australia. (Tyson Illingworth - Robert Malone substack - 22/10/2022)

Time to Join the Covidian Resistance: We are seeing encouraging signs of a fightback against the Covid cult. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 25/10/2022)

We're Seeing Encouraging Signs of a Fightback Against the COVID Cult: "We all know that the three hardest words to say in English are 'I was wrong.' Admitting you erred or fell for a con job is never easy. But it is the mark of intellectual integrity to do so." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 26/10/2022)

2 in 10 Cows Injected With mRNA Jabs DIE Instantly. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - News Punch - 29/10/2022)

Wot's in the shots? Graphene oxide? Nanobots? (Rebecca Weisser - The Spectator Australia - 5/11/2022)

Rona Wars: A Day of Reckoning is Needed: Yes they want amnesty and no they should not get it. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 6/11/2022)

It Starts: Teacher Fired Over Vaccine Mandate Is Awarded Compensation For 'Psychological Injury' "In a moment of great anxiety, most of society threw away its principles. Now some are going to be, justly, made to pay for that." (Matthew Littlefield - Caldron Pool - 7/11/2022)

Top Ten Foolish Remarks About Rona Amnesty: There is some really bizarre 'thinking' when it come to Covid amnesty. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 8/11/2022)

The Non-Essential Church: Is There Hope for the Australian Church Post COVID? - "The vast majority of churches in Australia, and indeed the world, sent two very clear messages: First, we are just as afraid of death as the rest of you. Second, we don't see the public worship of God and religion as essential to society." (Eleanor Matthews - Caldron Pool - 12/11/2022)

Le gouvernement australien estime que le risque de vaccination est trop élevé pour les moins de 30 ans : Le gouvernement australien estime que le risque de myocardite lié à un rappel de COVID pourrait être plus important que le COVID lui-même – il n'autorisera donc pas les personnes de moins de 30 ans à recevoir un quatrième vaccin. (Anguille sous roche - 15/11/2022)

Australian Senator: 'Why Hasn't WEF Penetration of Cabinets Triggered National Security Alerts?' (Baxter Dmitry - News Punch - 23/11/2022)

Sydney teen unable to sit HSC due to adverse Covid vax reaction Pericarditis diagnosed after vaccine injury stops student from completing end of school exams due to intense chest pains. (James Macpherson - Rebel News - 28/11/2022)

Why We Refused to Use Vax Passports and What Happened Next "Within two weeks of that sign going up, our congregation almost doubled in size, on a weekly basis." (Tony Archer - Caldron Pool - 7/12/2022)

Australian Gov't Baffled as Vaccinated People Keep Dying at 'Incredibly High Pace'. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - News Punch - 9/12/2022)

"Incredibly High" Excess Deaths Must be Investigated, Says Australia's Top Actuary Body. (Toby Young - Daily Sceptic - 10/12/2022)

Little Napoleon and His Trusty New Steed. (James Macpherson - Daily Declaration - 16/12/2022)

Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals 'devastating' Covid vaccine injury, says doctors have been 'censored' Dr Kerryn Phelps has broken her silence about a "devastating" Covid vaccine injury, slamming regulators for "censoring" public discussion with "threats" to doctors. (Frank Chung - - 20/12/2022)

It Was Always About Control. (Richard Kelly - Brownstone Institute - 20/12/2022)

ABC News Journalist Breaks Her Silence, Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Covid Vaccine. (Jim Hoft - The Gateway Pundit - 22/12/2022)

World News Aussie Cops Ask Neighbors to Rat Out 'Anti-Government, Anti-Police,oOr COVID-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists.' (Tyler Dudrden - Zero Hedge/Summit News - 28/12/2022)

NSW Government Will No Longer Publish Vaccination Status of Those Who Are Hospitalised or Die With COVID: "At the end of 2022, the state government's report revealed that more than 1,400 people who had received two vaccines or more were hospitalised with COVID-19. The majority of those (810), received four or more doses. There were no unvaccinated people hospitalised with the virus." (Caldron Pool - 11/1/2023)

Australians Were Once Prosecuted For Claiming Face Masks Worked Against Viruses Businesses faced £100k fines for making claim during SARS outbreak. (Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 23/12/2022)

Australian Health Authorities Call For More COVID Boosters... But The Public Says No. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 30/1/2023)

How to Be Featured in "The Australian": How did this article pass into the mainstream media despite its heresies? (Robert Brennan - Caldron Pool - 1/2/2023)

What Should We Have Learned From the Past Two Years? "At large, Aussies don't depend on God. They depend on the state." (Caldron Pool - 1/2/2023)

Victoire : l'OMS fait marche arrière
(Ciel Voilé - Odysée - 5 minutes - 10/2/2023)
Anglais avec sous-titres français

Did ASIO Spy on Covid Critics? The question came in light of recent reports that the British army spied on lockdown critics, including high-profile journalists during the 'pandemic.' (Caldron Pool - 13/2/2023)

Australian Woman Denied Heart Transplant Because of Her Vaccination Status. (Niamh Harris - News Punch - 14/2/2023)

Australia's Drug Regulator Hid Child Vaccine Deaths to "Maintain Public Confidence". (Rebekah Barnett - Daily Sceptic - 15/2/2023)

Rise of the Biosecurity State. (Daily Declaration - 16/2/2023)

Infectious disease expert slams 'absolutely atrocious' Covid measure: A leading Australian infectious disease expert has ripped into one of the most draconian measures enforced during the pandemic. (Alex Blair - Herald Sun - 20/2/2023)

Fully Vaccinated Australians Dying at Levels Not Seen For 80 Years – Doctors Baffled. (Baxter Dmitry - News Punch - 8/3/2023)

I Am Still Seething Mad at What the Political Class Did to Us. (Dr James Allan - Daily Sceptic - 9/3/2023)

Australia Ignores Growing Evidence of Harm to Grant Full Approval to Moderna mRNA Vaccine. (Rebekah Barnett - Daily Sceptic - 25/4/2023)

Landmark Class Action Filed Against Australian Government Over Vaccine Injuries: "What has been frightening and quite distressing is that I continue to get emails daily from people with extremely severe, life-changing events: deaths, amputations, blood clots, gynaecological conditions," Dr McCann said. (Ben Davis - Caldron Pool - 4/5/2023)

L'ivermectine dédiabolisée en Australie, un premier pas vers la reconnaissance d'un traitement anti-Covid efficace? (Chloé Lommisan - France-Soir - 5/5/2023)

VAX CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: Australians Demand Justice For Govt's Medical Tyranny. (InfoWars - 6/5/2023)

Australian Government Ruled COVID Wrong-Think 'Domestic Terrorism': "The former Morrison government, under domestic terrorism response protocols, sought out cyber censorship of COVID related content 4,213 times." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 22/5/2023)

What Is Agent C? NSW Government Funding Anti-Far-Right Workshop: "At least when the Church was at the helm of our moral compass, its message was impartial. The way to live your life was decreed by God, not a political ideology." (Steven Tripp - Caldron Pool - 23/5/2023)

Australian Government Colluded With Big Tech to Suppress Speech on Covid, FOI Documents Show. (Rebekah Barnett - Daily Sceptic - 23/5/2023)

Curing the Corruption of Medicine: Dr Aseem Malhotra's Australian Tour "After the past few years of mandates and now emerging injuries, this topic is crucial and the timing critical." (Julie Sladden - Caldron Pool - 25/5/2023)

Australian Patriot Stands up to WEF Autonomous Police. (Truth For Health Team - America Out Loud - podcast, 58 minutes - 1/6/2023)

"Vaccines Have Been Pulled For Much Less": Dr. Aseem Malhotra Makes Waves in Australia Renewing Call for Withdrawal of Covid Shots. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 8/6/2023)

Russian Embassy Private Property Rights Upheld – While Australian Christian Land & Hospital are Confiscated by Government. (Jean Seah - The Daily Declaration - 13/6/2023)

Orwellian Nightmare Ahead for Australians: "On George Orwell's birthday, the Australian federal government declared it would trample over freedom of speech by giving a government agency new powers to combat what it deems as 'misinformation' and 'disinformation' online." (George Christensen - Caldron Pool - 29/6/2023)

YouTube Bans Australian Politicians Maiden Speech to Parliament: "Never before in Australian history has a politician's maiden speech to parliament been banned from YouTube." (Caldron Pool - 30/6/2023)

Iconic Australian singer calls out country's 'totalitarian' lockdown laws: Australian artist Tina Arena challenges Melbourne's harsh Covid-19 regulations, triggering the mainstream media. (Rebel News - 10/7/2023)

WATCH: Anti-lockdown protester says he's being MALICIOUSLY prosecuted Nick Patterson's legal battle continues despite more obstacles. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - video, 6 minutes - 12/7/2023)

The Government, My Enemy. (Ramesh Thakur - Daily Sceptic - 21/7/2023) -> discusses recent book by John Stapleton, titled: Australia Breaks Apart.

This pro-mask "study" is why you should NEVER "Trust the Science". (Kit Knightly - OffGuardian - 27/7/2023)

Australian GP Sues Pfizer and Moderna Over Unapproved GMOs in mRNA Covid vaccines. (Rebekah Barnett - The Daily Declaration - 1/8/2023)

The People Who Truly Know Their God, Stand Firm – And Take Action!: "The Church in Australia will stand firm for God's truth, and take much needed action, when she knows her God!" (Tom Foord - Caldron Pool - 5/8/2023)

"Your Injections Are Killing Our Young People" - Pfizer, Moderna Reps Slammed During Heated Aussie Senate Hearing. (Debra Heine via American Greatness - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 5/8/2023) -> During the hearing, one of the Pfizer representatives admitted that during the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer employees received a different shot than the general public...

Excess Deaths Persist: "Where Is the Outcry?" "It's the equivalent of a fully laden 747 crashing every week," Kelly tweeted. (Caldron Pool - 14/8/2023)

Another Brick In The 'Disinformation' Wall. (Graham Young/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 28/8/2023) -> Examining a bill put forward by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australia Begins Debanking Citizens Who Post Non-Mainstream Opinions Online. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 2/9/2023)

mRNA Chemicals Have Triggered Worldwide VAIDS Epidemic, Scientist Warn. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 10/9/2023) - Study by Australian scientists

Novak Djokovic Stuck it to the Two Countries Who Locked Him Out. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 13/9/2023) -> Australia is one...

Dan Andrews Quits as Premier of Victoria. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 26/9/2023)

How one family became "forgotten citizens" thanks to the Covid frenzy, left at sea, floating aimlessly… (Revolver - 7/11/2023)

Australia Introduces New Law That Will Kill Free Speech & Democracy. (Niamh Harris - The People's Voice - 8/11/2023)

Australian Excess Deaths Fuel Fears About Role of Covid Vaccines. (Dr Clare Craig - Daily Sceptic - 9/11/2023)

The Painless Extinction of Formerly Free Australia. (David Bell - The Brownstone Institute - 14/11/2023)

Actress Sues AstraZeneca After COVID-19 Jab Leaves Her With Brain Injuries. (Jessie Zhang/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 15/11/2023)

Another COVID Wave Strikes Fully "Vaccinated" Australia. (Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - 15/11/2023)

Man BASHED by Covid cops WINS in court, police to pay costs: Melbourne man triumphs after gruelling battle against police stemming from brutal lockdown arrest. (Avi Yemini - Rebel News - video, 8 minutes - 28/11/2023)

An International "Sorry Day" Is Needed for What We Endured Over the Past Few Years: "Such an apology – and compensation to boot – seems long overdue." (Bill Muehlenberg - Caldron Pool - 2/12/2023)

A Review of Good People Break Bad Laws by Topher Field: Important truths about freedom and the price we must pay for it. (Bill Muehlenberg - CultureWatch - 4/12/2023)