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Une idéologie pour les isoler/diviser.
One Ideology to Isolate/Divide Them.

Risk worth taking

The compulsion of total terror on one side, which, with its iron band, presses masses of isolated men together and supports them in a world which has become a wilderness for them, and the self-coercive force of logical deduction on the other, which prepares each individual in his lonely isolation against all others, correspond to each other and need each other in order to set the terror-ruled movement into motion and keep it moving. Just as terror, even in its pre-total, merely tyrannical form ruins all relationships between men, so the self-compulsion of ideological thinking ruins all relationships with reality. The preparation has succeeded when people have lost contact with their fellow men as well as the reality around them; for together with these contacts, men lose the capacity of both experience and thought.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt pp. 473-474)

The whole concept of self-isolation and anti-social "distancing" is radically anti-human. We evolved over millions of years to be social creatures living in tight-knit groups. Although modern societies ideologically and socioeconomically work to massify and atomize people, nevertheless almost all of us still seek close human companionship in our lives. (I suspect most of the internet police-state-mongers are not only fascists at heart but are confirmed misanthropic loners who couldn't care less about human closeness.)
(Russ Bangs - The Ultimate Divide and Conquer - Off-Guardian)

Toute l'histoire du contrôle sur le peuple se résume à cela : isoler les gens les uns des autres, parce que si on peut les maintenir isolés assez longtemps, on peut leur faire croire n'importe quoi.
Noam Chomsky (2006) Comprendre le pouvoir : L'indispensable de Chomsky. [deuxième mouvement]. (trad. Hélène Hiessler), Éditions Aden, p. 33

Un peu d'histoire: Mesures d'application de la 9e ordonnance des autorités d'occupation au sujet des juifs. (Hoehrere SS Polizeifuerhrer - 8 juillet 1942) -> Les nazis étaient timides en comparison avec toutes les mesures préconisés par les élites postmodernes...

And it is this pseudomysticism that is the stamp of bureaucracy when it becomes a form of government. Since the people it dominates never really know why something is happening, and a rational interpretation of laws does not exist, there remains only one thing that counts, the brutal naked event itself. (...) One of the most glaring differences between the old-fashioned rule by bureaucracy and the up-to-date totalitarian brand is that Russia's and Austria's pre-war rulers were content with an idle radiance of power and, satisfied to control its outward destinies, left the whole inner life of the soul intact. Totalitarian bureaucracy, with a more complete understanding of the meaning of absolute power, intruded upon the private individual and his inner life with equal brutality. The result of this radical efficiency has been that the inner spontaneity of people under its rule was killed along with their social and political activities, so that the merely political sterility under the older bureaucracies was followed by total sterility under totalitarian rule.
(Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism - 1948/1976 Harvest/Harcourt pp. 243-245)

Dossier Covid19

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"Papers Please" Passports Are a Portal Towards a COVID-Vax Caste System: An apartheid between the COVaxxed and un-COVaxxed will carve a caste system in the fabric of Australian life. This isn't something to celebrate or welcome. It's something to resist because precedent matters. (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 3/8/2021)

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To Stop Totalitarianism, we Must Understand How it Weaponizes Loneliness: Victory in the war against tyranny depends more than anything else on understanding how imposed loneliness works on our psyches. (Stella Morabito - The Federalist - 12/10/2022)