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Jeux d’intimidation à l’égard des chrétiens
dans la crise du Covid19.

Hitler responded to the opposition of the church in the same way all hostile governments respond to those who would disagree with them; He created a flurry of new laws and then accused pastors and church leaders of breaking them. In one way or another God had to be separated from government policies and ejected from the public square. The voice of courageous Christians had to be silenced. God had to be removed to make way for the National Socialist policies.
(p. 23, Erwin W. Lutzer [2010] When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany)

Dossier Covid19

À Paris, des policiers armés somment un prêtre d’interrompre sa messe dominicale. (L'Entente des Églises Protestantes Évangéliques de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg - 23/4/2020)

Alberta Government Bans Singing in Church: Alberta's United Conservative government has followed a California county and banned singing during live-streamed church services  which are restricted to fewer than 15 people  allegedly to stop the spread of the coronavirus. (Pulpit and Pen News - 29/4/2020)

Church members get $500 tickets for sitting in their vehicles with windows closed during radio service in church parking lot. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 10/4/2020)

Yet another Democrat bans religious gatherings in face of coronavirus fears. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 13/4/2020)

Kansas City Mayor Denies ‘Church Registrations’- But We Have The Receipts. (Pulpit and Pen News - 3/5/2020)

Mass. Governor Targets Churches For Shutdown Rules He Didn’t Apply To Home Depot. (Carol McKinley - The Federalist - 15/5/2020)

New York pastor threatened with $1,000 fine for holding drive-in church service. (Caleb Parke - Fox News - 19/5/2020)

'Bet You Stay Home Now Hypokrits': Church That Refused to Close During Lockdown Gets Burned Down, Investigated As Arson. (DailyWire - 20/5/2020)

Chicago Threatens to Close or Destroy Church they Deem ‘Public Nuisance’. (Pulpit and Pen News - 25/5/2020)

“CHAZ” Protestors Sexually Assault/Choke Street Preacher. (Pulpit and Pen News - 14/6/2020)

Fauci Attacks Church Choirs, Implies Worship Is Less Important Than Protests. (Madeline Osburn - The Federalist - 31/7/2020)

Analysis: Leftists Burning Bibles Now, Christians Later. (Capstone Report - 1/8/2020)

Los Angeles County Threatens John MacArthur With Arrest for Holding Worship Services. (Jeff Maples - Reformation Charlotte - 3/8/2020)

California Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Anyone Attending Megachurch. (Pulpit and Pen - 12/8/2020)

Has California Become A Place Faithful Christians Cannot Live? (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 13/8/2020)

Breaking: CA Prosecutors Threaten New Criminal Charges for Megachurch Congregation: ‘Your Compliance is Mandatory’ . (Pulpit and Pen - 22/8/2020)

When They’re Done Burning Down Businesses, They’re Coming for Your Church Building. (Jeff Maples - Reformation Charlotte - 27/8/2020)

‘I Plead With You, Back Off’: California Church Fined Thousands For Meeting In-Person And Singing. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 29/8/2020)

‘It Must Stop’: California Church Pleads For Relief After County Fines Approach $60,000. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 6/9/2020)

Louisiana Pastor Faces 3 Years in Prison for Defying Church Lockdown Orders. Arraignment set for Tuesday. (Protestia - 19/9/2020)

California Church Relents to County Demands After Fines Exceed $100,000. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 23/9/2020)

Quebec gov't lowers indoor worship limit from 250 people to 50. (Michael Gryboski - Christian Post - 23/9/2020)

Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship Event in Defiance of Mask Mandate. (Ezra Dulis - Breitbart - 24/9/2020)

#BigEva and WokeFolk are Lying About the Reason Idaho Hymn Worshippers were Arrested. (Protestia - 24/9/2020)

Chrétiens qui refusent l'intimidation

Après qu’ils les eurent amenés en présence du sanhédrin, le souverain sacrificateur les interrogea en ces termes: Ne vous avons-nous pas défendu expressément d’enseigner en ce nom-là? Et voici, vous avez rempli Jérusalem de votre enseignement, et vous voulez faire retomber sur nous le sang de cet homme! Pierre et les apôtres répondirent: Il faut obéir à Dieu plutôt qu’aux hommes. (Actes 5: 27-29)

Christian ministry refuses government COVID-19 relief: ‘Don’t want to receive government funds with strings attached’: Ministry was approved for at least $130,000 in aid. (Sarah Taylor - The Blaze - 24/4/2020)

Pastors put Illinois Gov. on Notice with Fiery Declaration: ‘We’re Opening May 10 No Matter What’. (Dustin Germain - Pulpit and Pen - 5/5/2020)

Pastor tears up cease-and-desist letter during sermon: 'God tells us how to worship him — nobody else gets to do that!': 'If we settle for permission, we will never have liberty again'. (Dave Urbanski - The Blaze - 21/5/2020)

Thousands of Churches Stand up to Democratic Governors’ Lockdown Orders: We Are Opening. Period. (Amanda Prestigiacomo - DailyWire - 22/5/2020)

Thousands Of Churches Are About To Defy Lockdown Orders. It’s About Time: Churchgoers across the country are reasserting their fundamental rights of conscience—rights that too many political leaders have forgotten or denied. (John Daniel Davidson - The Federalist - 25/5/2020)

Coronavirus: en Argentine, une église se transforme en bar pour déroger aux restrictions sanitaires. (Hugues Garnier - BFMTV - 13/6/2020)

NYTimes Blames Churches For CV Spike. (Prophecy Update - 10/7/2020)

‘We’re Going To Make An Example Out of Them’: Liberty University Sues New York Times Over Allegedly Misleading COVID-19 Story: 'It's just not right for the mainstream media to lie about and target conservative Christian organizations..." (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 16/7/2020)

John MacArthur: Not an hour to fear, but triumphant hour for the church. (Capstone Report - 26/7/2020)

Le Christ, et non César, est le chef de l’Église. (La Lumière - 31/7/2020)

California Church Defies Newsom’s Shutdown Mandate: John MacArthur reopens his church despite statewide shutdowns. (William Burns - The Federalist - 2/8/2020)

Pandemic sprouts 'wheelie' new spin on ministry. (Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 4/8/2020)

Watch Christians Outsmart Dem Governor to Worship God at Walmart. (John Nolte - Breibart - 7/8/22020)

Christians Sidestep Coronavirus Restrictions By Meeting In State-Approved Venues: "So we are praying in a casino." (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 7/8/22020)

John MacArthur Lawyers Up as LA Threatens Jail Time Over in-Person Church Services. (Tyler O'Neil - PJMedia - 5/8/2020)

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 1 – An Open Letter to Pastors. (Sam Parkison - For the Church - 5/8/2020)

MacArthur launches preemptive strike: Churches: The showdown between California officials and churches intensifies. (Steve West - WorldMag - 13/8/2020)

John MacArthur’s Church Sues California After Being Threatened With Fines And Jail For Indoor Worship Services. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 13/8/2020)

Churches Aren’t Avoiding Death By Keeping Their Doors Closed. They’re Ensuring It. (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 13/8/2020)

We Cannot Yield To Caesar That Which Belongs To God. (John MacArthur - DailyWire - 13/8/2020)

CA pastor goes there: Dems want church doors locked. (Chris Woodward - OneNewsNow - 13/8/2020)

John MacArthur Sues Governor Gavin Newsom in Superior Court. (Tim Hurd - Bible Thumping Wingnut - 13/8/2020)

In Defiance of Tyrants: John MacArthur & Grace Community Church. (Capstone Report - 16/8/2020)

MN churches sue over service being a crime. (Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl - OneNewsNow - 17/8/2020)

Shutting down more than school: California parents fight for in-person religious education. (Steve West - World Mag - 24/8/2020)

John MacArthur is obeying the law; Governor Newsom is not". (Bryan Fischer - Renew America - 3/9/2020)

Seattle closes park ahead of Christian prayer rally, so supporters hold 'worship protest' outside instead: 'They can't stop the Church of Christ from worshipping. (Carlos Garcia - The Blaze - 8/9/2020)

California Church Celebrates Nearly 1,000 People Baptized on Beach During ‘Spiritual Revival’. (Andrea Morris - FaithWire - 14/9/2020)

Sean Feucht - Seattle, WA (Gas Works Park Closure)
(Protestation de louanges à Seattle - YouTube - 2 minutes - 8/9/2020)

Wisconsin Worshipers Gather At Boarded-Up Capitol To ‘Turn Riots Into Revival’. (Kylee Zempel - The Federalist - 16/9/2020)

Pastor John MacArthur Responds To California’s Threats Of Imprisonment: ‘Bring It On’. (Tim Pearce - DailyWire - 16/9/2020)

‘Worship Protests’ Are Bringing Revival to America’s Troubled Cities: People have asked me why we are holding these 'worship protests,' and the answer is simple: God is moving, and our nation desperately needs it. (Sean Feucht - The Federalist - 17/9/2020)

Prominent Evangelical Church Sues D.C. Mayor Over ‘Selective Enforcement’ of Lockdowns. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 23/9/2020)

John MacArthur Updates on the Threat of Jails, Fines, and calls Masks ‘A Bacterial Zoo you Have over your Face’. (Protestia - 23/9/2020)

Judge Grants California Church Trial to Defend Constitutional Right To Worship. (Jordan Davidson - The Federalist - 25/9/2020)

Not forsaking assembly in D.C.: Prominent evangelical church challenges worship restrictions. (Steve West - World Mag - 25/9/2020)

DOJ Blasts D.C. Mayor for 'Silencing' Churches: 'There Is No Pandemic Exception to the Constitution'. (Paula Bolyard - PJMedia - 6/10/2020)

34 Senators File Amicus Brief Supporting Capitol Hill Baptist Church In Suit Against D.C. Mayor. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 8/10/2020)

‘OPEN YOUR CHURCH’: Pastor John MacArthur Releases Video Explaining Why ‘Church Is Essential’. (Jon Brown - DailyWire - 9/10/2020)

Et un Juif qui défend les chrétiens face aux accusation d'athées?

The Lockdown, Evangelicals and the Afterlife: A Response to Steven Pinker. (Dennis Prager - TownHall - 26/5/2020)

Et la religion "Woke" des émeutiers? [Les chemise brunes des postmodernes]

Wokeness: old religion in a new bottle: Joseph Bottum on how the decline of Protestant America fuelled the rise of identity politics. (Sean Collins - Spiked - 14/8/2020)