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Yuval Harari and the Marquis de Sade

Harari at the Frontiers Forum held at  Montreux  Switzerland- a new Tower of Babel?
Paul Gosselin (29/6/2023) -> French

Up until quite recently very few people except an intimate circle at the World Economic Forum had ever heard of Yuval Noah Harari, nicknamed the "prophet of Davos"... Harari is a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author of several books. Taking in consideration his position in the World Economic Forum and the access this gives him to some of the most powerful people in the planet, Harari is not someone you should take lightly. While Harari is of Jewish origin, it is clear that he rejects the entire Judeo-Christian school of thought. In a conference (2023) on artificial intelligence and the future of humanity, he went so far as to assert that it would be time to replace the Bible with a new sacred text written by Artificial Intelligence. Obviously, such a proposal immediately raises the question: WHO will control such an AI, inevitably becoming a powerful propaganda tool? Only the lobotomised would believe that an AI application of this kind could be "neutral" regarding ideological and religious issues. But then, if one needs to develop a religion for postmodern technocrats, it's only logical that one should consult an Artificial Intelligence oracle. And like many other AI propagandists, Harari carefully erects a bogus “mystical aura” around AI, claiming for example that we "don't really understand how AI makes its decisions". Of course this bogus mystical aura is useful for instilling respect in the masses for AI bots, respect that will be very useful for an elite seeking to establish AI as an instrument of propaganda and manipulation. Harari also claims "AI will eventually be able to understand us better than we understand ourselves". This is a very interesting concept for a neo-totalitarian regime, enabling/justifying total subjugation of the masses (because AI knows better than we do ourselves what we really need)... All bow down to the AI... In a 2018 interview with the New York Times Harari added that if we don't understand the power of AI, democracy could become a banal emotional puppet show[1].

Furthermore, in another interview Harari went so far as to prophesy that humanity is doomed to extinction within the next century (Andrew Anthony 2017):

Additionally Harari copy-pastes the Davos view that there are "too many humans on earth"[3]. The interview (below) with Janine Abbring, recorded in 2022, gives insight into Yuval Harari's personal life and his ideological motivations.

Feb. 19th, 2022 interview with Yuval Noah Harari VPRO documentary (Janine Abbring speaks to Yuval Noah Harari in Tel Aviv.)

Among the issues discussed during this interview, Harari can't avoid serving up some LGBT+ propaganda[4]. Harari argued that (59: 29 min.):

Yet, boiled down to its essence, Harari's argument is that if something exists in nature, it is therefore unquestionably legitimate... This is a very common argument[5] (among relativists) in Social Anthropology. But Harari's argument neglects a significant issue, as one should be aware that you could use the SAME logic and the same argument to defend and legitimise absolutely anything, absolutely any abomination known to Man. For example, read through this free-style paraphrase of Harari's comment:

Thus applyting Harari's logic to genocide legitimizes genocide. And to genocide one could add human sacrifice, slavery, execution by impalement and who knows what else? All these things exist and/or are attested by history and some by archaeology. Note that Harari never bothers to prove that human nature is completely parallel to the natural world (which obeys its laws)... Where are the laws of human nature? What are they ? What is their foundation? Who established these laws? Harari does not bother to examine any of these questions. Absent such proof, Harari's claimed parallel falls apart.

So what about the Marquis de Sade?

I know, I know, I'm getting there... It's just that Harari's argument about the legitimacy of homosexuality is not new. It reminds me of an exchange I had a few years ago with a British atheist. Here is the full text of that exchange:

Moral Absolutes: An Exchange with Atheist Paul Baird and Paul Gosselin (Samizdat - 2010)

On moral issues, Baird's perspective is close to Harari's. The exchange begins with Baird stating:

In response, regarding the issue of morality (2nd point), I suggested Baird examine a statement made by the famous Marquis de Sade about the relationship between men and women. In his Philosophie dans le boudoir de Sade stated (1795/1965):

Since Baird shares De Sade's materialism, I asked him whether he accepted or rejected De Sade's assertion about male-female relations, and if he rejected it, I demanded he explain (as a matter of logic...) on what BASIS he rejects this assertion. Read the exchange and you'll see whether Baird's answer is convincing or not[7]...

The basic problem is that the legitimisation of LGBT+ propaganda proposed by Harari (in his interview with Abbring) is based on the SAME logic as the Marquis de Sade's observations regarding men and women. Inevitably, therefore, this will lead Harari not only supporting LBGT+ propaganda, but also to support the Marquis on the issue of relations between the two sexes. How can such a conclusion be avoided? Who knows, it may be that Harari finds the Marquis de Sade's bed quite comfortable...

The rejection of Moral Absolutes

In his short, masterly text, The Abolition of Man (1943), CS Lewis observes that the rejection of an absolute moral law (which Lewis calls the Tao) by modern and post-modern elites (such as Yuval Harari) allows the establishment of a class of neo-totalitarian technocrats that Lewis calls the Conditioners. Once this step is taken, we are faced with a class of rulers who give themselves TOTAL freedom to determine (for themselves and for the masses) what is right and wrong. Lewis provides us with a unique glimpse where such presuppositions can take us (1943/1978: 37-38)

In the hands of Davos neo-totalitarian technocrats, Artificial Intelligence is very likely to become an extraordinarily powerful tool for propaganda, manipulation and control of the masses. Who knows if the Davos sect hasn't already put in place a class of neo-totalitarian Conditioners aspiring to get their hands on all the extraordinary manipulative (and brainwashing) power offered by Artificial Intelligence? Reflecting on the repercussions of Artificial Intelligence, in the same interview with Janine Abbring, Harari (somewhat inadvertently) provides a chilling insight into the power over the masses to which Davos Conditioners rather transparently aspire (63 : 25 min.)

The American biology professor William B. Provine appears to have given serious thought about such matters and offered the following blunt observations on the ethical implications of Darwin's materialistic origins myth (1990: 23):

Pursuing materialist logic to the end, the Marquis de Sade made a telling remark about murder (1795/1965: 329-330):

What is man and what difference is there between him and other plants, between him and all the other animals of the world? None, obviously. Fortuitously placed, like them, upon this globe, he is born like them; like them, he reproduces, rises, and falls; like them he arrives at old age and sinks like them into nothingness at the close of the life span. Nature assigns each species of animal, in accordance with its organic construction. Since the parallels are so exact that the inquiring eye of philosophy is absolutely unable to perceive any grounds for discrimination, there is then just as much evil in killing animals as men[8], or just as little, and whatever be the distinctions we make, they will be found to stem from our pride's prejudices, than which, unhappily, nothing is more absurd.

Well it turns out that Harari does in fact endorse views VERY much like those of the Marquis. But judge for yourselves. In his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2014), Harari makes the following claim:

Culture tends to argue that it forbids only that which is unnatural. But from a biological perspective, nothing is unnatural. Whatever is possible is by definition also natural. A truly unnatural behaviour, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist, so it would need no prohibition.

A Piece of the Puzzle that doesn't quite fit...

In course of his interviews, Harari is careful to present himself as a classic atheist. Speaking to a Western audience Harari claims to have been brought up by atheist parents and to have rejected 'the Bible at an early age. We can assume that before an audience in Israel, Harari would instead claim to reject the Tanakh (what Christians call the Old Testament). Such assertions would probably go down well with his university students or colleagues, but with a wider audience in Israel this might provoke criticism. In any case Harari is quite insistent on his profile as a classical atheist. Here is a hilarious and useful quote provided by Shawn Vandor (2020)

I found Harari both compelling and annoying: compelling because he brings serious attention to often overlooked topics such as the ethics of biotechnology, which I also find to be critically important; annoying because he seems to peddle in the same postmodern games we've been fooling ourselves with for a generation or more now, claiming, on the one hand, nothing really matters, humans are just apes, traditional stories are nothing but "myths," and myths are just an ancient form of "fake news"—all the while asserting his own authority in narrating his own all-new anti-metanarrative metanarratives. He's like a car salesman who's convinced you that cars don't really matter, they're just figments of our imagination. And by the way, he'd like to sell you a new car.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but Harari offers a grand metanarrative for people who A) have an aversion to metanarratives, and who B) don't know enough to know how or why some metanarratives are more meaningful than others. The sleight-of-hand is disingenuous: Harari asserts himself as a timeless, placeless objective observer without bias, while at the same time asserting a fairly unexamined, particularistic, subjective perspective regarding truth, the world, and the truth of the world, in which expertise, objectivity, and data are given a priori privilege over imagination, subjectivity, and creativity.

But there's a piece of the puzzle that doesn't quite fit with Harari's classic atheist profile, as from the very first minute of the Abbring interview, Abbring exposes the fact that Harari has the habit of taking, every year, a two-month break where he does a kind of "spiritual retreat" where he cuts himself off from computers and the internet and doesn't talk to anyone for two months (not even his homosexual spouse)! You might wonder how he supports himself financially during this long period of inactivity, but since he's been doing it for quite a few years, one can deduce that such a break in his activities isn't a financial problem...

But with these "spiritual retreats" we have an element that does NOT fit the classic atheist profile at all. If Harari does NOT believe in the Jew's, Christians or Muslim's God, then one wonders WHO or WHAT he is communing with? Unanswered questions... To this suggestion, a contact replied:

This suggestion is indeed plausible. On the other hand, Harari does make a point of establishing his profile as a classical atheist. Logically, this profile does NOT really fit with all the time and energy he puts into his annual “meditations”. TWO months per year, every year! While one would expect such behaviour from a New Age guru, this is NOT common among hardcore atheists.

Such a detail suggests that beneath his classic atheist persona, there lurks 'something else'... Perhaps the time will come when this 'something else' will be exposed for all to see.

Here's a related anecdote. In the 1970s I met a professor at university who was at the time a fervent Marxist, haranguing students to join the struggle against capitalism. Some twenty years later, I met him (after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall) and discovered that he had abandoned communism and converted to the postmodern belief system, which had led him to become interested in the occult and astral voyages... He had become a kind of shaman... This leads me to believe that a convinced atheist would be shaken to the core if he were to see a clear supernatural/occult phenomenon with his own eyes....

It's possible that Harari is one of those who have taken this step[9]...

Time will tell.


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[1] - Which would be the fulfilment of one of Aldous Huxley's “prophecies”... (1958/2007: 393-394)

Personally I am inclined to believe we have already arrived at the scene described by Huxley...

[2] - A view that recalls some of the genocidal projects put forward by the leaders of the NICE which appears in CS Lewis' apocalyptic sci-fi novel, That Hideous Strength (1945).

[3] - No, this is not a joke. One would expect, however, that the person speaking would exclude himself from those deemed "in excess". To get a better grasp of the views held by the prophet of the Davos sect one could read through the two following articles.

WEF Adviser Yuval Harari: 'We Just Don't Need the Vast Majority of the Population' in Today's World. (Robert Kraychik - Breitbart - 10/8/2022)

Un conseiller du Forum économique mondial affirme que la planète n'a plus besoin de la “ grande majorité ” de la population. (Emily Mangiaracina/LifeSiteActualités - Les moutons enragés - 16/8/2022)

A thing to keep in mind is that Harari speaks for some of the most powerful people in the world today, people with great influence in politics, economics, medical science, the courts and in media.

[4] - In my view, there is a political objective behind the transgender ideology that has been so massively propagated in the West in the last few years. This political objective has to do with the fact that if you can bring a society to the point where it is confused about an issue as basic as one's sex, then very likely you will be able to get such a population to believe ABSOLUTELY anything...

[5] - Though of course this argument is used very selectively, that is when ideologically useful as a weapon to attack certain moral claims.

[6] - Yet Baird's argument itself requires logic to sort out it's implications...

[7] - The remainder of the exchange quickly goes on to other unrelated issues.

[8] - Sade certainly isn't a guilt-ridden creature; he has absolutely no interest in moral hang-ups. Perhaps Harari may agree with Sade's concept of moral conscience. Regarding murder, Sade states (1795/1965: 332):

[9] - Such considerations lead me to believe that with Harari and the Davos sect, we are dealing with a group of individuals comparable to the NICE [National Institute of Coordinated Experiments] appearing in CS Lewis' apocalyptic sci-fi novel, That Hideous Strength. In this novel, the NICE is a elitist secret society (with initiations like Freemasons) which counts in its ranks politicians, scientists, journalists, university profs, policemen and occultists...

Hideous Strength is available free in the Samizdat Ebook catalogue.

[10] - “non-organic entities” = demons ??? Selling the First Lie: "You shall be as gods..."