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L'arnaque des autos/camions électrucs
Dossier de presse.
The Electrick Car/Truck Sting

Le problème de fond avec la technologie des autos électriquesà mon avis est que la propagande "environnementale" mise à l'avant pour imposer (c'est le SEUL mot approprié) cette technologie est TRES mensongère, surtout lorsqu'on considère sérieusement 1) le coût environnemental pour manufacturer ces autos et 2) le coût environnemental (et financier) pour fournir l'énergie pour faire rouler ces autos [souvent résultant de produits dérivés du pétrole] et 3) le coût environnemental pour disposer des millions de tonnes de batteries usés que produiront ces autos. Mais pour les marionnettes néototalitaires de Davos actuellement au pouvoir, si tous devaient adopter (de force) cette technologie, alors les marionnettes de Davos disposeraient alors du pouvoir couper le courant et ainsi contrôler de manière absolu tout mouvement non-approuvé de la population... Notons par ailleurs que la propagande exploitée par les marionnettes de Davos pour vendre la technologie des autos électriques est TRES mensongère car cette propagande ne se préoccupe que des émissions sortant d'un véhicule. C'est un point de comparaison fondamentalement malhonnête. Et si les autorités dans plusieurs pays ont recours à des lois afin de FORCER l'adoption de cette technologie par leurs citoyens c'est un indice clair que c'est une technologie défectueuse et inférieure...

Un test qui permettrait de voir clairement l’infériorité de la technologie des autos électriques serait de démarrer une compétition d’endurance de course d’autos électriques UNIQUEMENT, des course équivalents à ces courses:

Le Rallye Paris-Dakar (en 2001 sur une distance de 10 739 kilometres)

Le 24 Heures de Daytona,
Le 12 Heures de Sebring,
Le 24 Heures de Le Mans
On peut se demander si ce serait un bon spectacle de regarder des voitures électriques faire 3-4 tours de piste, pour ensuite recharger leurs batteries pendant 2-3 hres avant de reprendre la piste ? Passionnant n’est pas?? Je pense qu’on devrait tenter ce test... Surtout le Rallye Paris-Dakar... Mais sur les routes cahoteuses de ce rally, combien de batteries de ces véhicules ne supporteraient pas les chocs constants et exploseraient? Mais bon, ça pourrait offrir des feux d’artifices intéressants, ajoutant au spectacle...


L'auto propre...

- Les articles sont en ordre chronologique, les plus récents au début de la liste. / Articles are in chronological order, most recent ones on top.

Essais routiers de véhicules électriques / Electric Vehicule Road Tests

The real story behind Trudeau's pledge for electric buses — and the problems with these lemons David Menzies reports on what he heard from Brampton Transit workers who have first-hand experience with the city's electric buses and shares the numerous problems they say they've experienced compared to traditional transit vehicles. (David Menzies - Rebel News - 9/7/2024)

Reporter Tests EV Chargers in America's Heartland, Comes Away 'Less Than Impressed' (C. Douglas Golden/The Western Journal - The Gateway Pundit - 26/6/2024)

EV Malfunctions at 100mph and Won't Stop – Forcing Police to Ram it Off the Road. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 7/3/2024)

This LA to San Francisco "6 hour roadtrip" took 56 hours in an electric car… (Revolver - 7/11/2023)

Study finds 20% of EV buyers REGRET their decision and SWITCH BACK to gas cars. (Arsenio Toledo - RoboCars.News - 8/9/2023) -> "If you don't have a Level 2 [220 volt charging station], it's almost impossible [to keep an EV]," noted Kevin Tynan, an automotive analyst for Bloomberg. Tynan used to own a Ford Mustang Mach-E, a battery-electric crossover SUV. Plugging it into his home outlet for an hour could give the Mach-E just three miles of range.

I Rented A Tesla For A Week And Am Totally Sold on Gas-Powered Cars. (Stella Morabito - The Federalist - 21/8/2023)

Man learns unforgettable lesson about electric vehicles on 1,400-mile road trip: 'Biggest scam of modern times'. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 17/8/2023)

One Manitoba family ditches electric truck, another has eight-hour trip prolonged to 30 hours: Two Manitoban residents bit off more than they could chew when purchasing their electric vehicles (EVs) for long-distance travel. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 11/8/2023)

Electric F-150 loses 25% of range with full payload, AAA study finds, gas version can drive 200 miles farther. (Andrew Chapados - The Blaze - 5/7/2023)

EV Fail: Rivian Electric Truck Owner's 'Honeymoon Phase' Ends When It Gets Stuck in Snow. (Lucas Nolan - Brietbart - 25/3/2023)

2023 Mustang Mach e. (EricPetersAutos - 20/12/2022)

Ford Lightning Tow Test. (Eric Peters Autos - 12/12/2022) -> electric truck road test...

Tow No! The Ford F-150 Lightning Struggled in Our Towing Test We towed 3100-, 5300-, and 7200-pound travel trailers with Ford's electric truck and didn't get very far from home. (Eric Tingwall & Jim Fets - Motor Trend - 31/7/2022)

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum First Test: The Revolution Will Be Quick and Quiet A $93,609 version of the electric F-150 shows how a big battery and two motors can turn America's most popular vehicle into a better pickup truck. (Eric Tingwall & Jim Fets - Motor Trend - 15/7/2022)

EVs are the least reliable vehicle type: Consumer Reports points to some problem areas. (Stephen Edelstein - Green Car Reports - 14/1/2022)

Articles généraux / General Articles

Interdiction des véhicules à essence en 2035: une utopie électrique? (Simon Leduc - Libre Média - 18/74/2024)

Hey, Elon, How About A Tesla That Runs On Gas? (Issues & Insights -11/7/2024)

EV Boosters Cannot Do Math. (Duggan Flanakin - RealClearEnergy - 8/7/2024) -> looking under the carpet to see what has been swept out of view...

'Bring A Trailer' Data Shows Early Adopters of EV Trucks Hammered by Price Plunge. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 8/7/2024)

Rivian's Amazon Delivery Vans Keep Mysteriously Catching Fire. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 5/7/2024)

Thieves In Seattle Targeting EV Charging Stations Has Reached "Epidemic Proportions". (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 3/7/2024)

Electric Vehicle Owners Ditch Battery Power as Majority Selling an EV Return to Petrol. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 25/6/2024)

Nearly Half of US EV Drivers Consider Switching Back to Gas Vehicles: McKinsey Study. (Andrew Moran/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 21/6/2024)

Electric Car Company Fisker Files For Bankruptcy As EV Market Continues to Collapse. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 19/6/2024)

3 Reasons There's Something Sinister With the Big Push for Electric Vehicles. (Nick Giambruno - International Man - 4?/6/2024)

U.S. Drivers Overwhelmingly Prefer Gasoline Cars to EVs. (Tsvetana Paraskova - - 31/5/2024)

Buttigieg Grilled Over Biden Admin's Push For Electric Vehicles, Failure to Build Charging Network. (Daily Wire News - 26/5/2024)

The Electric Car Revolution is Coming Crashing Down. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 24/5/2024)

The Buzz Fades. (EricPetersAutos - 3/152024)

Electric Cars Twice as Lethal for Pedestrians as Petrol or Diesel. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 22/5/2024)

Coalition of States Sue Biden Admin, California Over Electric Vehicle Mandates. (Katabella Roberts/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 15/5/2024)

Transitioning Fleet Trucks To Electric Raises Costs By Up To 114 Percent, Report Warns. (Naveen Athrappully/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 14/5/2024) -> Increased vehicle weight from the batteries reduced our payload and limited our usage of haul. + a truck driver can refuel a new diesel truck within 15 minutes for a journey of up to 1,200 miles. However, charging an EV truck for two hours provides a range of only about 200 miles.

Demand for Electric Cars has Dried Up. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 9/5/2024)

Concerns Mount Over Exploding Electric Vehicles. (Chris Morrison - Daily Sceptic - 8/5/2024) -> Concern is also rising over the transportation of EVs on car ferries. Recently, Havila Kystruten, which operates a fleet of car ferries around the coast of Norway, has banned the transportation of electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles.... If the aim is to take away personal transport for the masses, EVs are an excellent idea.

Where Unsold EVs go to Die: Belgium's Ports Drowning Under Glut of Chinese Imports. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 6/5/2024)

Pritzker Doubles-Down With $827 Million Taxpayer Handout To Troubled EV-Maker Rivian. (Mark Glennon/Wirepoints - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 5/5/2024) -> an EV project in Illinois, money flushed down the toilet...

10 reasons not to buy an electric car. (Lauren Fix + Paul Brian - Blaze Media - 25/4/2024)

Hertz Increases The Number of Electric Cars It Wants to Get Rid of to 30,000 From 20,000. (Charles Kennedy/OilPrice - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 25/4/2024)

Electric Car Demand Plunges Across Europe. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 18/4/2024)

Volkswagen Electric Car Sales Plunge as Europe Returns to Petrol. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 10/4/2024)

Youtuber @MKBHD recently tested Fisker's latest EV and called it the "worst car I've ever reviewed." (Morning Brew - ThreadReader - 8/4/2024)

Watch: E-bike Explodes at London Train Station. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 8/4/2024)

Fleets of EV Trucks Are an Impossible Dream. (John Klar - GraniteGrok - 31/4/2024)

Nissan Aims to Cut Costs by 30% Simply to Remain Competitive In EVs. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 26/3/2024)

The Electric Vehicle Bubble Bursts. In Fact, it Explodes. (Jason Scott Jones - The Stream - 25/3/2024)

The Norwegian Illusion: EVs Are Not More Energy Efficient. (Goehring & Rozencwajg - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 25/3/2024)

Electrifying trucking in U.S. could cost as much as $1 trillion, burden consumers, study warns: These costs to electrify trucking would ultimately be passed down to consumers. Trucks move nearly 73% of the nation's freight by volume, meaning many goods will be impacted by the added expense of such a transition. (Kevin Killough - Just The News - 24/3/2024)

A Logger Talks About Electric Trucks-> first 2 minutes, then EV failure at Hertz car rentals
'Completely bonkers': Sky News host reacts to 'laughable' Justin Trudeau on climate change
(Sky News Australia - YouTube - 6 minutes - 23/3/2024)

EV Startup Fisker Halts Production to Raise Emergency Funds Amid Cash Crunch From Low Demand. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 20/3/2024)

Go Green: Hertz Replacing CEO After Bet on Electric Vehicles Falls Apart. (Amy Furr - Breitbart - 18/3/2024)

Fears for Patients as NHS Introduces Electric Ambulances in Net Zero Drive. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 15/3/2024)

EV euphoria is dead. Automakers are scaling back or delaying their electric vehicle plans. (Michael Wayland - CNBC - 13/3/2024)

Electric cars pollute 1,850 times more than fuel-based vehicles, study finds: The 2022 U.K.-based Emissions Analytics study found that after driving both a gas and electric car 1,000 miles, the number of particles collected from the EV was vastly greater than the gasoline-powered car. (Anthony Murdoch - LifeSite - 8/3/2024)

Desperate Car Dealers Slashing EV Prices to Try and Boost Sales. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 6/3/2024)

Electric Cars Release More Toxic Emissions Than Petrol Cars, Study Finds. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 5/3/2024)

Barstool Sports' PFT Commenter Details Electric Vehicle Trip Disaster: 'I'm Going To Be Driving Diesel Now'. (Daily Wire - 2/3/2024)

Drivers Don't Want Electric Cars, Aston Martin Admits. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 28/2/2024)

Apple Ends Multi-Billion Dollar Effort to Build Electric Cars. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 27/2/2024)

Green New Fail: Rivian Cuts Workforce and Announces Lower Production, Stock Crashes 35 Percent: Rivian's stock price has lost 90 percent of its value since November 2021. (Naveen Athrappully/The Epoch Times - Discern Report - 24/2/2024)

Heavy, Environmentally Unfriendly EVs Are Destroying America's Infrastructure. (Ethan Huff - Natural News - 20/2/2024)

Electric Vehicles Are so Unpopular That Entire Mines Are Shutting Down. (Will Kessler - Daily Caller - 19/2/2024)

Warehouse Storing Lithium Batteries Goes up in Flames in France Amid Growing Fears Over Their Dangers. (Sallust - Daily Sceptic - 19/2/2024

The Great Reset Didn't Work: The Case of EVs. (Jeffrey A. Tucker - Daily Sceptic - 17/2/2024) - > EV = Electric Vehicule...

Trudeau's green policies leave little kids stranded in the cold. (Rebel News - 16/2/2024) -> Electric buses are inferior tech

Report: Desperate Car Dealers Slashing EV Prices to Try and Boost Sales. (Simon Kent - Breitbart - 16/2/2024)

Mr. Bean Was Right – and So Was Toyota. (Duggan Flanakin - RealClearWire - 13/2/2024)

Activists Accuse Rowan Atkinson of Fuelling the Climate "Crisis" After Criticising EVs: "Despite being slimed as a climate-denying conspiracy theorist, Atkinson seems to have been vindicated by the general gist of the House of Lords report." (Rod Lampard - Caldron Pool - 13/2/2024)

Crowd Sets Waymo Driverless Car Ablaze In Lawless San Francisco. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 12/2/2024)

La voiture électrique sans jus. (Trina Banderas - France-Soir - 9/2/2024)

Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers Torch California Democrats Over Electric Vehicle Push. (Daily Wire - 7/2/2024)

South Korea EV Sales Held Back by Drivers' Fears of Battery Fires. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 6/2/2024)

Heavier EVs tearing up California roadways but paying nothing for road maintenance. (Ronald Stein P.E. - America Out Loud - 5/2/2024)

Electric Car Demand Plummets Amid Backlash Over High Prices. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 5/2/2024)

"Natural Evolution": Volvo Shares Soar on Plans to Stop Funding Cash-Burning Polestar. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 1/2/2024) -> Polestar is an electric car company...

Taxpayer-Funded Electric Busses Are Sitting Broken Down And Idled Across The Country. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 30/1/2024)

La demande des véhicules électriques dépasse les prévisions d'Hydro-Québec: La quantité d'énergie nécessaire à leur recharge est revue à la hausse pour répondre à la croissance. (Thomas Gerbet - RadioCan - 30/1/2024)

So Many Problems Continue to Plague the EV Industry. (Kristen Walker - RealClearWire - 28/1/2024)

Third electric London bus catches fire after two burst into flames earlier this month: Firefighters tackled the blaze in a bus garage in Putney. (Maryam Zakir-Hussain - Independant - 25/1/2024)

Electric Cars Cost Twice as Much to Insure as Petrol Vehicles. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 24/1/2024)

Electric Cars Will Never Dominate Market, Says Toyota. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 23/1/2024)

Average Price of Used Tesla Declines 18 Straight Months: Hertz is dumping EVs but the decline in the price of used Teslas started long before that. (Mike Shedlock - MishTalk - 20/1/2024)

EV Owners Told to Preheat Cars and Charge Overnight as Teslas Abandoned in U.S. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 18/1/2024)

HUGE NEWS! Ford & GM SHOCKED as They CAN'T Sell EVs!
(ChargeDrive - YouTube - 9 minutes - 17/1/2024)

'No one knew what to do': Teslas abandoned and towed after heading to frozen charging station. (Andrew Chapados - Blaze Media - 16/1/2024)

The Biggest Evidence for the Folly of the EV Push May Be Happening Right Now. (Chris Queen - PJMedia - 15/1/2024)

Hertz Dumping Tens of Thousands of Electric Vehicles, Replacing Them With Gas Vehicles. (Ryan Saavedra - DailyWire - 11/1/2024)

Electric Double Decker Bus Bursts into Flames in London Rush Hour. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 11/1/2024)

Golden Globes Pre-Show Host Marc Malkin Rescued By Sean Penn After Electric Vehicle Dies In Desert. (Leena Nasir - Daily Caller - 7/1/2024)

Nicola Sturgeon's Flagship Hybrid Ferry Now Only Runs on Diesel as Battery Too Expensive to Fix. (Richard Eldred - Daily Sceptic - 7/1/2024) -> no kidding, electric boats are crap too??

Sorry President Biden, But Nobody Wants A Glorified Golf Cart. (Duggan Flanakin/RealClear Wire - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 5/1/2024)

A lithium-ion battery fire in a cargo ship's hold is out after several days of burning. (DNYUZ - 31/12/2023)

Justin Trudeau Completely BANS Traditional Cars in Canada. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 30/12/2023)

Guilbeault used 'misleading data' to defend electric car mandate Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) admitted their 2035 ban on inexpensive gas vehicles will cost drivers billions of dollars and will 'disproportionately impact' northerners, rural Canadians, and the working poor. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 22/12/2023)

Ironic Plot Twist Slams The Brakes on Maine Vote to Ban Gas Cars. (Virginia Kruta - DailyWire - 21/12/2023)

Fire Shuts Down GM's Electric Car Plant, Executives Blame 'Battery Materials'. (John Binder - Breitbart - 20/12/2023)

Tesla issues massive recall of more than 2 million vehicles over autopilot safety concerns: The recall includes the 2012-2023 Model S, 2016-2023 Model X, 2017-2023 Model 3 and 2020-2023 Model Y equipped with Autosteer, a feature Tesla describes as "traffic-aware cruise control." (Marlene Lenthang - NBC News - 13/12/2023)

Ford's "Test For EV Adoption" Fails: Carmaker Slashes Production Plans For Electric F-150 In Half. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 12/12/2023)

Sunak Suffers Major Tory Rebellion Over Net Zero As He Relies on Labour Votes to Push Through Electric Car Quotas. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 6/12/2023)

Edmonton spent millions on electric buses that are not roadworthy: One Calgary city councillor has urged his colleagues to press pause on developing its own fleet. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 1/12/2023)

Consumer Reports finds electric vehicles still far less reliable than conventional gas-powered vehicles: According to a new survey published by Consumer Reports, electric vehicles are nearly 80% less reliable than conventional vehicles. (Rebel News - 30/11/2023)

Why the public isn't buying electric cars: They're more expensive, less convenient and give you far less freedom than their petrol-powered siblings. (Hugo Griffiths - Spiked - 20/11/2023)

Electric vehicle subsidies will cost up to $50 billion, budget office report finds: While Cabinet estimated the costs of subsidies for four EV manufacturing plants at $37.3 billion, analysts said the real numbers are much higher. (Rebel News - 20/11/2023) -> Canada

Nouveau Cauchemar : Voitures Électriques En Panne ! (Planetes360 - vidéo, 8 minutes - 19/11/2023)

Renault accélère dans l'électrique avec sa filiale "Ampere". (France-Soir/AFP - 15/11/2023)

Controversial new video: Each individual charging station uses the equivalent power of 280 homes every hour… (Revolver - 14/11/2023)

'Let it Burn': Fire Departments Ill-Prepared for EV Boom. (Rick Moran - PJ Media - 10/11/2023)

Driverless car company recalls all of its vehicles. (Johanna Huebscher - World Mag - 8/11/2023)

Is The EV Revolution Still Happening? (Irina Slav/ - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 8/11/2023) -> some insurers are refusing to provide coverage for electric cars altogether...

Was the Luton Airport Fire Caused by an Electric Vehicle? (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 4/11/2023)

Electric Vehicles Set to be Auto Market's 'Next Big Flop,' Says FreedomWorks Economist. (Tom Ozimek/The Epoch Times - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 1/11/2023)

Trucker perfectly dismantles electric vehicle narrative in 2 minutes: 'You would need to pack 50,000 pounds of batteries!'. (Andrew Chapados - Blaze Media - 31/10/2023)

Voitures électriques : vers un recul de la demande ? "Pas la solution miracle", estime Akio Toyoda, ex-PDG de Toyota. (France-Soir - 30/10/2023)

Short-circuited: Biden's electric car dream hits its final outage… (Revolver - 29/10/2023)

Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren't working. (Alexa St. John and Nora Naughton - Insider - 26/10/2023)

Electric Cars May Become Uninsurable. (Mattie Brignal/The Telegraph - Toby Young/Daily Sceptic - 22/10/2023)

How Much Do EV Batteries Cost? (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 20/10/2023)

"Electric Car" Explodes on Driveway and Sets Fire to Family Home After "Battery Malfunctions". (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 25/9/2023) -> "The owner was in the house when it happened but got out. She told me this morning that the car was only a month old with a thousand miles on the clock and the car battery malfunctioned."

WEF's Green Energy Scam Exposes 23 Million People to Toxic Waste. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 24/9/2023)

Four in Five Cars Sold Must Be Electric by 2030 Despite Petrol Ban Delay. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 22/9/2023)

You'd have to pay me to buy an electric car I will either try to keep my current car running as long as possible or aim to upgrade to a newer petrol vehicle some time around 2029. (Patrick O'Flynn - The Telegraph - 19/9/2023) -> "Inferior cars need tax incentives."...

3 Suspicious Narratives Behind the Big Push Toward Electric Vehicles. (Zoey Sky/Natural News - Discern Report - 17/9/2023)

VW Lays Off Workers at Key EV Factory Over Cratering Demand. (Monica Raymunt - Bloomberg - 14/9/2023)

Energy secretary learns hard lesson about electric vehicles on road trip after police were called on her staff. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 11/9/2023)

Study blames 'toxic masculinity' for men buying less EVs, not poor infrastructure A study conducted at the University of Texas blames 'traditional masculine views' for why men purchase fewer EVs than other modes of transportation. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 6/9/2023) -> this "study" is not science but propaganda and nonsense...

As EVs Fill Rental-Car Lots, Drivers Feel Jittery The shifting mix of cars means growing pains for travelers unaccustomed to operating electric vehicles. (Dawn Gilbertson - WSJ - 6/9/2023)

Electric vehicle owners learn the hard way what happens when salt water floods their climate-friendly car. (Chris Enloe - The Blaze - 5/9/2023)

3 Reasons There's Something Sinister With the Big Push for Electric Vehicles. (Nick Giambruno/International Man - Discern Report - 5/9/2023)

Hurricane Idalia Aftermath: Saltwater Exposure Causes 'Thermal Runaway' In Flooded Electric Vehicles. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 2/9/2023)

The Electric Car Debacle Shows the Top-Down Economics of Net Zero Don't Add Up. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 2/9/2023)

Why I Will Never Buy an Electric Car. (Colin M. Barron - Daily Sceptic - 30/8/2023)

Ford CEO takes a road trip in one of his own company's electric vehicles, calls the experience 'challenging' and a 'reality check'. (Leon Wolf - The Blaze - 19/8/2023)

7 Reasons Why the Electric Vehicle Is Not Ready for Mass Consumption. (Olivia Cook - Discern Report - 15/8/2023)

Nikola Issues EV Truck Recall, Halts Sales After "Thermal Incident" Probe. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 13/8/2023)

La « voiture électrique du peuple » à l'épreuve de la technocratie IREF Europe Suivre La voiture électrique reste dépendante des subventions et va coûter cher aux contribuables. (Simon Choisy - Contrepoints - 11/8/2023)

New EPA Tailpipe Standards Call Electric Vehicle Promises Into Question. (Ethan Brown/RealClear Wire - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 8/8/2023)

Millions of Tonnes of Waste Threaten Environment as Solar Panels Near End of Life. (Richard Eldred - Daily Sceptic - 5/8/2023)

Le danger des voitures électriques : un cargo en feu au large des Pays-Bas... (Rosemar - AgoraVox - 2/8/2023)

Chinese Electric Car Invasion Poses Dire Security Risk to U.K., Warns Motor Industry Chief. (Richard Eldred - Daily Sceptic - 30/7/2023)

Electric car linked to deadly fire on cargo ship: One crew member died and several injured in blaze on the Fremantle Highway which was carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles from Germany to Egypt. (Maighna Nanu - The Telegraph - 26/7/2023)

EVs For All? If The Dream Was Met, Would It Help The Environment? (Mike Shedlock/MishTalk - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 22/7/2023)

Some EVs Are "Dirtier" Than Conventional Vehicles; New Study Finds. (Alex Kimani/OilPrice - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 18/7/2023)

Cobalt and the sacrifice of African children on the green altar. (Lucy Wyatt - The Conservative Woman - 17/7/2023)

Electric Car Explosion Risk Sees Them Quarantined in Spaces 50 Times Bigger Than Petrol Car. (Will Jones - Daily Sceptic - 7/7/2023)

Canadians are 'less interested' in purchasing electric vehicles, says study Two-thirds (66%) of Canadians are either 'very unlikely' or 'somewhat unlikely' to purchase an electric car as their next vehicle — up 13% from last year. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 3/7/2023)

It Was All a Scam! Charging Electric Cars Now Costs More Than Gas. (Sean Adl-Tabatabai - The People's Voice - 3/7/2023) -> UK

Life Cycle Emissions: EVs Vs Combustion Engine Vehicles. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 3/7/2023)

This rush to electric cars is a colossal mistake: Only China and the rich will benefit from this hasty transition to an all-electric future. (Joel Kotkin - Spiked - 3/7/2023)

Study: Heavy Electric Vehicles Cause TWICE the Road Damage than Their Petrol Equivalents. (Simon Kent - Brietbart - 28/6/2023)

Is Britain's Electric Car Revolution a Race Against Time or a Costly Gamble? (Richard Eldred - Daily Sceptic - 2/7/2023)

Electric Cars Are An Expensive Scam: If EVs were really an innovation, the state wouldn't have to bribe and force companies to produce them. (David Harsanyi - The Federalist - 29/6/2023)

E-bike ignites every two days, says fire brigade. (Jess Warren - BBC News - 26/6/2023)

Electric Vehicles May be too Hazardous for Teen Drivers. (Jake Lingeman - Newsweek - 26/6/2023)

"It's Really Unprecedented": Solar Power Generation Cut in Half Due to Canada Smoke. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 8/6/2023)

Debt ceiling deal leaves us completely vulnerable to electric car hell. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 7/6/2023)

I love electric vehicles – and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped: Sadly, keeping your old petrol car may be better than buying an EV. There are sound environmental reasons not to jump just yet. (Rowan Atkinson - The Guardian - 3/6/2023)

Watch: Moment E-Bike Explodes into Fireball in Block of Flats. (Will Jones - Daily Skeptic - 27/5/2023)

Electric Vehicles Can Dramatically Change the World, but Won't Change the Climate. (Rich Kozlovich- America Out Loud - 24/5/2023)

Fresh blackout threats emerge as power grid faces a stressful summer. (Evan Halper/The Washington Post - MSN - 17/5/2023)

The grand folly of self-driving cars: Autonomous vehicles are wreaking havoc. So why are our elites so committed to their rollout? (Andrew Orlowski - Spiked - 17/5/2023)

Ferrari Says no to EVs: Will Stick to Traditional Combustion Engines. (Simon Kent - Brietbart - 15/5/2023)

Carmageddon: the electric vehicle boondoggle. (Toby Young - The Spectator - 13/5/2023)

American Petroleum Institute Claims The EPA Is Trying to Ban ICE Vehicles. (Irina Slav/OilPrice - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 11/5/2023)

The US Needs to Double The Size of Its Energy Grid. (Haley Zaremba/OilPrice - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 11/5/2023)

Electric Car Starts Shaking And Then Bursts Into Flames on The Highway. (Cassie Cole - Washington Engager - 9/5//2023)

Carmageddon: the Electric Car Fiasco. (Toby Young - Daily Sceptic - 8/5/2023) -> Tidbit: we discovered that thousands of free electric car chargers have been pulled from Britain's roads over the past year as soaring energy costs makes them unaffordable.

It's time for an electric vehicle/green energy litmus test for Republicans in red states. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 8/5/2023)

New York Dems push for lithium-ion battery regulation after series of explosions and fires causes death and injury. (Andrew Chapados - The Blaze - 26/4/2023)

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New Video Shows Ford F-150 Lightning Engulfed In Flames That Prompted Recall. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 21/4/2023)

How Democrats' Push For Electric Cars Endangers National Security. (Paul Gilbert - The Federalist - 20/4/2023)

Electric Vehicle Demand Slumps 65% in a Year. (Rob Hull/Daily Mail - Will Jones/Daily Sceptic - 20/4/2023)

Why House Republicans must remove electric car subsidies and mandates from the budget . (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 19/4/2023)

Biden's Electric Car Target Has a Problem—Many Americans Don't Want Them. (Aleks Phillips - News Week - 19/4/2023)

Les bornes de recharge électrique à nouveau fonctionnelles à L'Étape. (Radio-Canada - 18/4/2023) -> Les bornes de recharge pour les voitures électriques étaient donc hors service puisque la génératrice que Hydro-Québec a commandé n'a toujours pas été livré...

Biden Demands 2/3rd of New Vehicles be Electric by 2032. Where Will They be Charged? (Steve Sailer/New York Times - Unz Review - 13/4/2023)

Peak EV: Electric Vehicles Will Fade as Their True Costs Become Clear. (Doug French/Mises - InfoWars - 13/4/2023)

A child and a teen die in 'explosion of fire' caused by a lithium-ion e-bike battery. (Michelle Bood - The Blaze - 11/4/2023)

Tesla workers violated drivers' privacy, shared embarrassing car camera footage, lawsuit alleges. (Michelle Bood - The Blaze - 9/4/2023)

Volkswagen announces new EV battery plant in Ontario, despite performance concerns in Canadian winters. (Alex Dhaliwal - Rebel News - 18/3/2023)

Epidemic of E-Bike Fires Rips Across America. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 9/3/2023)

When Your Getaway Car Is an EV, Charge It First: Georgia police say they busted thieves not far from the crime scene—charging their Tesla. (Polly Davis Doig - Newser - 6/3/2023)

Ford Files For Patent That Can "Remotely Shut Down" Parts of Your Car When Your Bill Isn't Paid. (Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 4/3/2023)

Video: Man Waits 16 Minutes in Dark Parking Lot Charging EV — to Drive 11 Miles Home. (Infowars - 2/3/2023)

Environment Police Want to Reduce Car Ownership Because EVs Are Not Enough: For the sake of climate justice, transit justice, environmental justice, and Indigenous justice, the environment police want to reduce car ownership by making EV cars travel less before a charge. (Mike Shedlock - MishTalk - 18/2/2023)

Ford's Electric Truck Plans go up in Smoke After Battery Fire. (John Hugh DeMastri - Daily Caller - 16/2/2023)

Ford Pauses Shipping, Building Electric F-150 Model Due to Potential Battery Issue. (Michael Foster - Breitbart - 14/2/2023)

The uselessness of electric cars: Andrew Orlowski joins us for the latest episode of Last Orders. (Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater - Spiked - podcast, 42 minutes - 11/2/2023) -> discussion of electric cars starts at 14 minutes.

5 Reasons Biden's Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle. (Tristan Justice - The Federalist - 8/2/2023)

Study shows electric vehicles are a scam propped up by government. (Daniel Horowitz - The Blaze - 2/2/2023)

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U.S. Official Airs Safety Concerns over Heavy Electric Vehicles. (Simon Kent - Brietbart - 12/1/2023)

Trudeau wants 60% of new cars to be electric by 2030. That's both stupid and dangerous: Every Canadian driver – including Trudeau – knows why his proposed car regulations can't work. (Jeremy Williamson - LifeSite - 12/1/2023)

Voitures électriques : les faits dérangeants qui démontrent la supercherie Il est physiquement impossible de faire du tout électrique dans le monde ! (John Stossel - Le libre penseur - vidéo, 6 miutes - 22/11/2022)

Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, top Florida official warns: Florida's chief fire marshal and financial officer said there are a 'ton of EVs disabled' from Hurricane Ian. (Thomas Catenacci - Fox News - 6/10/2022)

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La Voiture Electrique est FOUTUE : Le cout de la Recharge Explose!
(Voitures & Ingénierie - YouTube - 11 minutes - 11/9/2022)

Electric Car Fires Are Uniquely Dangerous. (Alex Healey - Jerry - 27/6/2022)

Et dire que j'ai roulé 3 ans en voiture électrique, pas très fier aujourd'hui !! (Jean-Michel Roibet - Les moutons enragés - 3 minutes - 15/6/2022) -> on examine comment le Lithium et le Cobalt sont extraits.

Un bus électrique à Paris prend feu / An Electric Bus Caught Fire After Battery Explosion in Paris
(VIXX - YouTube - 2 minutes, avec sous-titres anglais - 30/4/2022)

Transports : en un mois, trois bus électriques ont pris feu à Paris et à Carcassonne. (FranceTVinfo - 29/4/2022)

London bus explosion: Five electric buses go up in a fireball – smoke seen for miles: FIVE electric double decker buses have exploded at the Potters Bar Bus Garage near London. (John Varga - Express News - 22/5/2022) -> "This is likely to be burning for a long time. "Please avoid the area if you can, and keep doors and windows closed if you live in the area.

Paris withdraws Bollore's electric buses after two catch fire. (Reuters - 29/4/2022)

Lithium Prices Have Nearly Doubled In 2022 Amid Insane Commodity Rally. (Alex Kimani/OilPrice - Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge - 23/3/2022)

Stuttgart Bus Depot Fire Likely Started By Charging Electric Bus One employee reportedly spotted flames atop a Mercedes eCitaro that was hooked up to a charger. (Andrei Nedelea - InSide EVs - 13/10/2021)

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California Begs Residents to Protect Energy Grid, Scale Back Charging Electric Vehicles. (Ben Zeisloft - DailyWire - 30/6/2021) -> and what will happen if 70% of vehicules are electric?? Clearly these politicians don't care...

Mines, Minerals, and "Green" Energy: A Reality Check. (Mark P. Mills - Manhattan Institute - 9/6/2020)

VIDEO – Si un bus électrique prend feu, attendez-vous au pire. (Turbo - 9/6/2021)

Auto électrique: le succès Norvégien coûte cher. (France-Soir - 9/1/2020) -> Chaque médaille a toutefois son revers. Ainsi pour l'État norvégien, cette politique du tout électrique représente un manque à gagner de 2,6 milliards d'euros de recettes fiscales, ce qui fait admettre à l'Association norvégienne des véhicules électriques que «le système n'est pas éternel, il sert à créer le marché»... [donc, on peut déduire que plus tard les proprios d'autos électriques seront largués par l'État...]


(Itransport08 - YouTube - 1 minute - 4/4/2022)
Cela s'est passé sur le boulevard Saint-Germain à Paris

Et les néototalitaires veulent imposer les autos électriques?

Trudeau wants 60% of new cars to be electric by 2030. That's both stupid and dangerous: Every Canadian driver – including Trudeau – knows why his proposed car regulations can't work. (Jeremy Williamson - LifeSite - 12/1/2023)

What do the Trudeau Liberals know about their own carbon emissions? Nothing, it turns out. (Ezra Levant & Gunn Reid - Rebel News - 3/2/2023)

New York Will Ban Gas Car Sales By 2035, Copying California. (Jack McEvoy - Daily Caller - 30/9/2022)


Damage control, marketing complice et mensonger des grands médias?

Electric vehicle fires are rare, but hard to fight — here's why. (Andrew Evers, Lora Kolodny - CNBC - 29/1/2023)

Electric Car Fire Risks Look Exaggerated, But More Data Required For Definitive Verdict. (Neil Winton -

Explosion ou incendie: les véhicules électriques ne sont pas plus à risque. (Daniel Breton - Journal de Montréal - 31/7/2019)


Le cas du cargo Felicity Ace

Felicity Ace

En février 2022, le Felicity Ace transportait près de 4 000 véhicules de différentes marques du groupe Volkswagen ainsi que quelques Lamborghinis. Un certain nombre de ces véhicules étaient entièrement électriques, notamment des modèles de Volkswagen et d'Audi, ce qui aurait pu rendre l'incendie plus difficile à maîtriser. Les incendies impliquant des batteries au lithium-ion sont particulièrement difficiles à éteindre. Déjà éteindre un tel feu dans espace dégagé (un stationnement ou sur le bord d'une route) est un GROS défi pour les pompiers, mais impossible dans un espace confiné comme un navire cargo... Et si plusieurs autos prennent, feu, l'un à côté de l'autre... Poof, poof, poof... Bye-bye supercars...

Évidemment les grands médias refusent de considérer que les batteries au lithium soient la cause de l'incendie... Voici quelques articles pertinents

Burning cargo ship carrying thousands of sports cars adrift in Atlantic Ocean. (Jesse O'Neill - New York Post - 18/2/2022)

Et peu de temps après, le Felicity Ace a coulé avec tous ces supercars. Une perte (sans compter le navire) de $335 million...

Burned ship carrying luxury cars has now sunk. (Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN Business - 2/3/2022)

Cet article note:

The Felicity Ace had been carrying nearly 4,000 vehicles from various Volkswagen Group brands. A number of the vehicles were fully electric, including models from Volkswagen and Audi, something that could have made the fire more difficult to control. Fires involving lithium ion batteries are particularly difficult to extinguish.

Une page wiki a été mise en ligne au sujet de ce navire et son cargo

Cette description laisse entendre que les feux à bord ont été assez chauds pour tordre l’acier de la coque et ouvrir des fuites... Après de telles catastrophes, quel armateur voudra transporter ces véhicules sur ses navires ?

Derrière la propagande

Voyons par exemple, ceux qui font la promotion des autos électriques qui, d'après la propagande, sont sensées être une solution plus "verte", plus "environnementale" pour le transport. Évidemment si on se met des œillères et l'on ne fait que comparer l'impact environnemental d'un litre d'essence et un kilowatt d'électricité, alors la voiture électrique en sort gagnant. Hip-hip hourra!

Mais si on met à la poubelle les œillères de la propagande écolo et que l'on examine soigneusement le coût environnemental de l'ENSEMBLE du processus de production pour chaque type de véhicule alors le verdict peut changer radicalement. Ainsi si les voitures électriques devaient êtres massivement imposés, il faudra alors soigneusement considérer coût environnemental de production des véhicules électriques par rapport aux véhicules à l'essence/diesel. Ensuite, il faudra aussi examiner soigneusement l'ENSEMBLE coûts environnementaux des deux types de technologie, entre autres en tenant compte que si les véhicules à l'essence/diesel génèrent des montagnes de pneus à recycler, les véhicules électriques vont en générer autant, mais sans oublier que les véhicules électriques vont générer en plus des montagnes de batteries qu'il faudra stocker et recycler. Ainsi, si on considère sérieusement l'ENSEMBLE des coûts environnementaux de l'opération d'une très vaste flotte de véhicules électriques, alors il ne faudra pas s'étonner qu'à la fin les véhicules à l'essence/diesel soient meilleurs pour l'environnement que les véhicules électriques.

Et, tandis qu'on discute de la question, considérons un motif politique pouvant influencer la promotion la technologie des véhicules électriques. Si on se place du point de vue d'une élite cherchant un contrôle absolu de la population (pensez passeports vaccinaux...), il faut dire que la technologie des véhicules électriques comporte un attrait intéressant, c'est-à-dire coupez l'accès à l'électricité et vous immobilisez la population. Et déjà plusieurs des véhicules électriques existants permettent des "mises à jour de système" à l'insu de leurs propriétaires. Dans ce contexte, une telle technologie permettrait ceux qui contrôlent ce système de cibler certains usagers d'autos et désactiver des véhicules spécifiques ou limiter leurs déplacements à un rayon fixé par eux, voir même provoquer des accidents à distance... Évidemment certains vont penser immédiatement qu'il soit inconcevable que les choses aient jusqu'à là. Mais à ceux-là, je vous invite à réfléchir à toutes les choses inconcevables qui se sont déjà produites depuis mars 2020...

Ainsi, il faut considérer fondamentalement malhonnête la propagande pro-voiture électrique au sujet des coûts environnementaux des deux types de technologies, qui ne tient compte uniquement d'une comparaison de l'effet polluant de la consommation d'un litre d'essence vs un kilowatt d'électricité. Touchant la transition vers des véhicules électriques Wiki anglais dit ceci au sujet de l'impact environnemental de cette technologie:

Transition to electric vehicles is estimated to require an 87,000% increase in supply of specific metals by 2060 that need to be mined initially, with recycling (see above) covering part of the demand in future.[105] In the UK alone, it is estimated that switching 31.5 million petrol vehicles to electric would require "207,900 tonnes of cobalt, 264,600 tonnes of lithium carbonate, 7,200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium, and 2,362,500 tonnes of copper", and a worldwide switch would require 40 times these amounts.[106] According to IEA 2021 study, mineral supplies need to increase from 400 kilotonnes in 2020 to 11,800 kilotonnes in 2040 in order to cover the demand by EV. This increase creates a number of key challenges, from supply chain (as 60% of production is concentrated in China) to significant impact on climate and environment as result of such a large increase in mining operations

Wiki Electric vehicle battery: Reusing and repurposing

Un contact ingénieur a fait observer que

La problématique des voitures électriques réside plus dans la production de l'énergie électrique que dans la voiture elle-même

En effet, les pions de Davos au pouvoir nous proposent les véhicules électriques comme la “solution miracle” aux problèmes écologiques. Notre Justin Trudeau a affirmé que les Canadiens DOIVENT passer aux autos électriques d’ici 2030.  En Californie le gouverneur a fait des déclarations semblables. Mais aucun de ces politiciens n’a DÉMONTRÉ que le réseau actuel peut supporter (suite à une conversion de plus de 70% de la flotte de voitures et de camions à l’électricité) une demande en électricité qui sera alors doublé ou triplé. Même si ces véhicules étaient capables de rencontrer TOUTES les prévisions théoriques de performance et d’efficacité, il reste que ce petit détail serait capable de rendre ces véhicules NON fonctionnels (si on FORÇAIT une conversion de plus de 70% de la flotte de voitures).

Ce détail ne semble PAS intéresser ces politiciens, mais ce “détail” pourrait avoir un effet brutal sur des millions d’Occidentaux vivant en banlieue. Déjà en Californie où on cherche à imposer ces véhicules, lors d’une canicule, on interdisait aux proprios (peu nombreux pour le moment) de véhicules électriques de ne PAS charger leurs véhicules, car le réseau électrique était surchargé...

Et pour l’effet polluant des technologies de transport (combustion vs. électrique), il FAUT tenir compte du processus de production de ces véhicules. Lorsque n’ignore pas ce facteur, alors c’est assez clair que le processus de fabrication des voitures électriques est beaucoup plus polluant. Et ensuite si on parle de disposer des voitures électriques non fonctionnelles alors le tableau risque de s’alourdir davantage... Et sans parler du fait qu’aux États-Unis je crois que 60% de l’électricité est produit par des centrales au pétrole ou charbon, alors la vertu non polluante des véhicules électriques est simplement une ILLUSION...


Technologies alternatifs??

Le Québec s'interesse a la technologie israelienne : une voiture electrique a 1 600 km d'autonomie ! (Identité Juive - 301/2015)

Est-ce un cas de technologie étouffée/efficace ou finalement inefficace??



Les boites noires dans les autos et violations de la vie privée